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5 Super Bowl Gifts To Handoff To The Host

Placed bets at the office and going to watch at a co-worker’s? Son-in-law hosting and want to come in peace (to lessen the blow when his team loses)? Headed to your first tailgate? Well, don’t drop the ball and show up empty handed!

We’ve got plenty of gifts that will arrive before the coin toss:

Game Day Goodies

Question: What's more awesome than a bunch of friends and family members crowding around a screen, screaming, howling, cursing, eye-rolling, fist-pounding and high-fiving? (And, by the way, that's only the commercials! Ba dum dum.) Answer: Munching, chomping and demolishing their way through the line of small-batch scrimmage, aka. a coffee table covered with winning crispy, chewy and flavorful snacks like Sriracha cheesy puffs, bacon kettle corn and crunchy, salty pork rinds.

The Pregame

This is one awesome lineup. Dip some of the best tortilla chips ever into spicy and roasty salsa, munch on a few crunchy-sweet beer pretzel nuggets, then take a sip of a cocktail made with a truly Dill-ish Bloody Mary Mix. This collection makes a winning gift for season ticket-holders and recreational fans alike.

Spiked Tailgate

Get the ball rolling with the best Bloody Mary mix ever, spiked with our favorite white whiskey or a splash of bourbon poured from a discreet hip flask. Then, pass around crispy potato chips, snap up white corn tortilla chips and tuck ‘em into fiery pepper salsa, and defend the stash of sweet peanut butter-chocolate toffee until the clock runs out. This taster makes a great delivery for any 12th man’s indoor couch-gate.

Super Bowls

This is super gift is a matchup of a beautiful trio of bowls and a triple-threat of indie snacks. There are crispy skin-on potato chips that make it tough to go back to the mass-produced kind, buttery cashews roasted in maple syrup and sea salt and some spectacular mini popcorn sprinkled with white truffle-infused oil and actual white truffle (yes!).

Stock The Bar

This set of three outstanding indie spirits and three gorgeous, stainless-steel bar tools makes a jaw-dropping gift. With a super-versatile vodka distilled from Bartlett pears, a standout botanical-forward gin with a distinctly bright and citrusy finish and a mellow bourbon that shines with honey-sweet Iowa-grown corn – you’ll score extra points in no time.


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