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How To Hack Your S'mores And Up Your Dessert Game

Not only are s’mores ooey, gooey and mega Mouth-watering, but they’re our favorite dessert for any time of the year.

We love them in the summer (around our 4th of July bonfire). We love them in the fall (huddled in flannel around a makeshift backyard firepit). We love them in winter (built by the fireplace or our kitchen stovetop). We love them in spring (hey, what else to do with the leftover Easter bunnies?).  

But what we’re loving the most about s’mores this year is how we can hack them and make them our own. Swap in a mocha cookie for the graham, use a toffee studded dark chocolate bar instead of the drugstore staple, upgrade to a handmade, all-natural marshmallow – you’ve got yourself one totally impressive, easy to make, downright gourmet dessert.

Here are our favorite ways to hack s’mores and take our favorite dessert to the next level:


Graham crackers may be the tried and true, but we’re all about thinking outside the box. Instead of grahams, choose one of these:

Chocolate Espresso Cookies made by Grey Ghost Bakery in Charleston, South Carolina – Fun fact: This family-run baking company is named after the legendary ghost of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, who is said to alert residents to impending storms... And sandwiching two of these soft, chewy cookies around a fluffy vanilla marshmallow is scary good.

Stroopwafels made by Stroopies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – We love to perch this Dutch treat on top of a cup of coffee or tea, so the steam from the drink heats up the cookie and melts the caramel middle... But an even better way to enjoy these cookies is with a warm, toasty marshmallow and piece of melted chocolate in the middle!

Honey Lavender Shortbread made by Whimsy & Spice in Brooklyn, New York – We know, the idea of honey and lavender doesn’t immediately conjure images of messy, ooey-gooey-deliciousness, but stay with us. Paired with an indie bourbon marshmallow and Mouth-Made Flat White Bar, you might not be able to go back to the regularly scheduled program again.


Leftover Easter bunnies works in a pinch, but you haven’t lived until you’ve hacked your s’more with an indie choco bar. Instead of Hershey’s, choose one of these:


A White Chocolate Bar

A Toffee-filled Chocolate Bar

A Chocolate Bar with texture (helllooo, Crunch!)


What would a s’more be without the marshmallow? Instead of the stale stuff you have left-over from that one time you made Rice Krispie treats with the kids, choose one of these: 

Bourbon Marshmallows made by Wondermade in Orlando, Florida – Wondermade took their delicious basic recipe, and swirled in Makers Mark Bourbon. We love to serve these straight up (heh), between two cookies with a slab of indie chocolate. S’wonderful.

S’mores Marshmallows made by Wondermade in Orlando, Florida – These light, airy puffs are half chocolate, half vanilla, and then rolled in crushed graham cracker. Made with love and care (and no corn syrup!) in Florida, they're a purely fun sweet you can feel good about. Plus, how much more meta can you get?

Cotton Candy Marshmallows made by Malvi in Atlanta, Georgia – One bite of these sweet ‘mallows takes us back to a summer day spent way up high in a Ferris wheel car, pulling sticky spun sugar off a cone, sipping icy soda through a straw. These + Chocolate Espresso Cookies + our Mouth-Made Flat White Bar = just what your favorite sweet tooth ordered.

If you can’t decide which s’mores hack you want to try next, here’s a fun tip: For your next movie marathon party, set out a DIY s’mores bar!

Glass of milk not included. 

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