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Holy Frijoles These Are Some Cool Beans

We’ve bean waiting all year for this day and holy frijoles it’s finally here. National Bean Day, of course. Yep, that’s right – a whole day to celebrate those plump and meaty morsels. From burritos to salads to chili to nachos… beans are basically the foundation of our food pyramid.

Luckily for us, there’s someone who loves beans, well, almost as much as we do. That’d be Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo. Steve got started in California when he just couldn’t find the quality produce and ingredients he needed for a solid, home-cooked meal – even the grocery store only offered one kind of tomato (from Holland, no less). So he started growing his own tomatoes, and then moved on to beans.

Heirloom Midnight Black Beans: These extra fancy beauties are true black turtle beans: super creamy, toothsome, meaty, with a thin, dark-as-midnight skin. Perfect in all your black bean recipes, or just for enjoying on their own.

Heirloom Pinquito Beans: These protein bombs hold onto their firm, plump texture even when fully cooked, boasting a light pink skin and buttery, almost smoky richness. Our obsession borders on crazy: we're folding them into breakfast scrambles, sprinkling them in green salads at lunch and baking a pot of them with cheese on taco night.

What are you waiting for? Netflix and chil-i beans.

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