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Need Dinner Quick? Baia Pasta To The Rescue!

You know that feeling when you get home from an exhausting day at the office and open your fridge and look at all the beautiful vegetables you bought at the farmers’ market over the weekend and the nice steaks you defrosted last night because you had a brilliant moment of planning ahead and think: “Well that’s not happening”?


If you’re like us, sometimes you just want to get home and have a delicious, satisfying dinner in front of you in 15 minutes flat. Enter Baia Pasta, made even better (read: on your table faster) when paired with Jar Goods Vodka and Classic Red sauce.

When you think good pasta, you think Italy, right? Well, even though Baia pasta is made in Oakland, it’s run by two Italians who realized that most Italian pasta is made from North American wheat shipped to Italy, made into pasta and then shipped back. Crazy, right? So this is basically just really, really good Italian pasta, but made with the finest organic flours from Utah, Montana, Colorado and California. 

If you’re going for the good noodles, you have to go for the good sauce. And you know who makes good sauce? Italian Americans who live in Jersey. That’s right, Jar Goods is inspired by Jersey City’s famous Italian restaurant Jule’s. 

So you don’t have to think too much (we know you’re hungry), here are our two favorite Baia and Jar Goods combos – all you have to do is lay out that checkered tablecloth, boil some water, pop that Chianti and get down to business:

Whole Spelt Twins (Gemelli) with Vodka Sauce – Just like grandma used to make… or dare we say, better? We haven’t met yours so we’ll let you be the judge.

Whole Durum Wheat Pac Macs (Paccheri) with Classic Red Sauce – To make it look like you slaved for hours, throw in some sliced cherry tomatoes and a handful of torn basil leaves. See? That farmers’ market haul isn’t going completely to waste.


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