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This A-Maize-Ing Gift Will Make Their Eyes Pop

Popcorn. It’s a pretty pop-ular snack around here. We like it salty, cheesy, spicy. We like it sweet and sticky. Yes, we’re obsessed and we spend a lot of time sampling our way through game-changing bags being created by makers from across the U.S. We bring in only the best of the best. The most a-maize-ing. 

Hungry yet? Subscribe yourself (or someone equally pop-tastic) to our Popcorn Every Month. In each box, you’ll get to snack on three bags of the tastiest kernels of deliciousness. (Like our corny jokes? Aw, shucks!) 

Here’s an example of what we shipped out recently:

White Truffle Popcorn made by Pipsnacks in Brooklyn, NY – This fancy-schmancy popcorn is light, airy and sprinkled with a double-whammy of truffle-infused oil and actual white truffle. It's the most luxurious-tasting popcorn we've come across. Plus, it's made from a special kind of corn, so when it's popped (always by hand and in small batches, in just a little olive oil), the mini-kernel shells break up into tiny pieces. It's the perfect popcorn for a first date. Or someone with braces. Or a first date with someone with braces.  

Nori Popcorn made by Pop Art in Salt Lake City, UT – Pop Art tosses their organic popped corn with dried toasted seaweed ("nori" in Japanese), slow-roasted sesame seeds and just the right amount of salt and sugar for an incredible, nutty balance of all our favorite tastes. The perfect snack for all viewings of seafaring films (two favorites: "The Perfect Storm" and "The Little Mermaid"). 

Bacon Caramel Popcorn made by Roni-Sue Chocolates in New York, NY – Uh huh. Bacon. Caramel. Popcorn. Spicy peanuts. Uh huh. It should be illegal for flavors this good to commingle for our consumption. Seriously – it should be against the law, and we should all be arrested for shoveling it into our mouths like wild animals. But by some miracle, this salty, sweet, crunchy, smoky wonder of a snack is legal. 

Pop to it, people!
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