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This Peck Of Pickles Gift Is A Really Big Dill

Mouth will spear you the worry of wondering what to get your favorite pickle-head (and the tongue twisting!) with this peck* of delightfully vinegared, perfectly pickled cukes.

This Peck Of Pickles tote includes five jars across a variety of flavors and styles… It’s a pretty big dill, especially if you know a Peter. Here’s what’s in the bag: 

Anyway you slice it, they’ll love Whiskey Sour Pickles. Made with Finger Lakes Distilling’s McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey, these pickles from our friends at Brooklyn Brine are crispy, earthy and strike the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Great for picnics, sandwiches or just eating straight from the jar. No judgments.

Leave it to Denver-based The Real Dill to create Caraway Garlic Dills that shine from the smooth yet toasty flavor of caraway (similar to fennel) paired with garlic in a masterful brine. And the jar is so beautiful, it makes a simple yet extraordinary gift.

Old Bay Pickles from Epic Pickles will transport the lucky snacker to a hot day by the mid-Atlantic shore. Each extra-crunchy spear is packed with the flavor of classic spice mix. Ahoy!

Last up, Sweet Mustard B&B’s from Pernicious Pickling Co. Whole, golden mustard seeds hanging out with thick coins of cucumber, hugged by a simply spiced vinegar, in a gorgeous package? Love at first sight. 

Christmas is in 13 days. Don’t gherk around. 

*1 US peck is actually equal to about 2 gallons! This tote is a little less than half a peck, in case you were wondering. (We were definitely wondering.)

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