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PB Sandwich Hack #2: Toasted White Chocolate Bar + Bananas

Peanut butter with banana is like Princess Buttercup (the peanut butter, duh) and Wesley (the banana, because he’s bananas for Buttercup, of course): totally perfect for each other since day one. But, like all good love stories, they needed a dash of adventure (in the form of delicious chocolate, of course) to realize that even “death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” Stay with us.

This peanut butter toast couldn’t be easier, or prettier, to make: proceed with your PB&B as usual, then top with squares of chocolate. If you like dulce de leche and brown butter you’ll love Fruition Chocolate's indie Toasted White Chocolate Bar, especially when it’s snuggled on top of toast smeared with your favorite peanut butter and slices of perfectly ripe banana.

The chocolate adds a nice snappable texture, while its not-too-sweet, brown-buttery flavor brings out the nutty qualities of the peanut butter (Buttercup) and the sweet softness of the banana (Wesley). Just like surviving The Fire Swamp did.

You know when Wesley is rolling down the hill and Buttercup doesn’t know it’s him yet because he’s in his “terribly comfortable” mask? And then he yells his famous phrase, “As you wish,” and she’s all, “Oh my gosh, how could I have not seen it was you all along?!” and throws herself down the hill after him?

Yeah, that’s going to happen to you when you try this PB Hack.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before (seriously, Buttercup – it was just an eye mask), but once you discover it, you’ll feel like you could fly. (“Can you move at all?” “Move? You’re alive. If you want I can fly.” Ugh. We love that part.)

Our point is: “This [peanut butter, banana and toasted white chocolate toast] is true love – you think that happens every day?”

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