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This Gluten-Free Cookie Mix Is Just As Good As The Gluten-Full Ones

Fresh from the oven, warm-and-gooey chocolate chip cookies are one of the top three satisfying criteria for happiness, and this Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie mix has convinced us that we really could live a gluten-free life.

Mom and food media dynamo Silvana Nardone concocted the recipe after a decade of practice cooking and baking for her severely gluten-intolerant son, Isaiah (which inspired the name of her company, Cooking For Isaiah!). A tall order, perhaps, for a girl born into an Italian-American, Brooklyn bakery-owning family, but one that she fulfilled with love that you can really taste.

When that mom is also a former magazine editor, a cookbook author, a culinary school instructor, a brand spokesperson and a regular guest on cooking shows? You’re knocking down her door, dietary restrictions or not, and buying anything she’s got. 

In what feels like nine minutes of witchcraft, the minimal contents of this pouch (gluten-free flour, allergen-free chocolate chips, 100% pure Vermont maple syrup and baking soda) combined with your own butter and egg transform into such a delectable state that it requires superhuman willpower to let them cool for the two minutes Silvana recommends.

Ready, set...dunk.

P.S. Keeping a stash of gluten-free cookies in the freezer is a wise move these days. You never know when a friend might be trying out the no-gluten thing. And when they’re cold, they’re even easier to spread butter pecan ice cream on them. We speak from experience.