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A Few New Year's Un-Resolutions: Eat Candy. More Bacon. Cookies!

Eat better. Exercise. Spend more time with your kids.

Who are we to tell you how you should be improving? The only thing we can tell you is that we're all for enjoying this amazing life, and loving what gets put in your Mouth. 

So, a few Un-Resolutions: Eat candy. More bacon. Pig out on popcorn. Cookies. Go for more caffeine. Butter. Fat. Bring on the good stuff!

Our tasty New Year's Un-Resolutions Bag bag delivers all that and more:

S'More Fluffernutter – Each jar of this fluffy stuff is a mesmerizing swirl of organic peanut butter, creamy marshmallow and sweet milk chocolate chunks. Go on, spoon it straight from the jar!

Applewood Uncured Bacon Jerky – Yes, you read that right. Bacon Jerky. Our friends at Chef’s Cut have somehow turned crisp, salty, juicy bacon into the popular, portable, protein-packed snack that’s taking the indie food world by storm. This year, keep bacon in your pocket!

Potato Chips – Once you taste one of these awesome, skin-on chips, it'll be tough to go back to the mass-produced. They’re the best we’ve ever tasted. And didn’t you hear? 2017 is all about piling potato chips into sandwiches and crumbling atop ice cream.

Hot Toddy Popcorn – Boozy decadence made by our friends at Butter & Scotch. A sticky, caramelized mixture of bourbon and golden honey drenches each crunchy puff. 

Hazelnut Whisky Sandwich Cookies – Now this is a sandwich cookie for grown-ups! Two crisp, buttery cookies studded with dark chocolate chips and crunchy hazelnuts, sandwiching a gooey layer of Scotch whisky-infused dark chocolate ganache. 

Organic Gummy Bears – The pudgy little cubs come in four flavors that actually taste how they're supposed to! Each bag is a fun mix of juicy blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and cherry bears that are soft, chewy and bursting with fresh fruit flavor. 

This makes an awesomely indulgent gift to kick off the New Year, but for those in a more righteous and/or hopeful mood, our New Years Taster has their name all over it! 

Here’s to 2017, people.

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