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6 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Want To Keep

Some New Year’s resolutions: wake up early, count to three when someone cuts you off in traffic, eat healthy(er)… If you’re like us, you go strong for a week or so, then it’s back to hitting snooze and sticking your tongue out at the car next to you. Resolutions are hard. 

Well, our New Year's Taster makes keeping that third resolution easy as pie. (Made with gluten-free crust, of course.) It’s full of healthy stuff, but it’s also insanely delicious, which means you’ll actually want to keep that resolution going, at least through February. 

Behold, some suggestions for eating healthier this 2017:

Dried Cranberries & Blueberries – Trade in candy for dried fruit! Vincent Family cranberries don’t bog you down with added sugar. They’re infused with unsweetened apple juice for a chewy but soft and juicy texture. Paired with not-too-tart dried blueberries, these have become our new favorite healthy mid-afternoon desk snack.

Mission Almond Butter – Eat more plant protein! Big Spoon’s heirloom Mission almonds are roasted, ground, and packaged while still warm, resulting in a nut butter that is uniquely fresh and nutritious with a super-rich, deep flavor. The only additions are wildflower honey and sea salt – just enough to let almonds shine. Pure almond and waistline joy.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts – Turn over a new leaf and eat more veggies! The pickled kind. The thick, halved sprouts have the texture of a roasted sprout with a rich smoky flavor, and a spicy note from red pepper flakes and cayenne, plus lots of that classic sour from the vinegar. Great for punching up salad and soups.

Red Fife Wheat Crackers – More whole grains! These thin yet sturdy crackers are so good on their own, you may find yourself eating several unadorned ones while trying to decide on a topper. (Like Mission Almond Butter, perhaps…?)

Black Truffle Pipcorn – Pass on grease and reach for indie popcorn instead. Our studies show that without exception, you will polish off the whole bag. But luckily, you won't suffer consequences – it's super healthy, and all-natural (plus gluten-free and vegan!), so munch away.

Sparkling Grape Juice– Doing a no-booze month…but want a little nip? This tastes surprisingly like some of our favorite red wines, minus the hangover. Next time you're festively feasting, bust out this gorgeous bottle of single-varietal sparkling red grape juice so the kiddos (and your teetotaling aunt) don't miss out. Your cup runneth over!

This New Year’s Resolution Taster makes an excellent gift for your favorite optimist, or, if the indulgent direction is calling, our New Year's Un-Resolution Taster answers the phone.

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