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Do You Love Cheese As Much As These 2 Mouth Employees?

It’s #NationalCheeseLoversDay! And here at Mouth HQ, Jon, one of our buyers, and Josie, our Associate Editor, are neck in neck for the Cheese Fiend title.

Jon starts each day melting sharp cheddar into scrambled eggs, while Josie can eat an entire wheel of Bonne Bouche (or anything from Vermont Creamery) in one sitting. Literally. 

At the office, our fridge is always filled with wheels and wedges marked with “Jon” or “Josie.” Sometimes they employ a few sturdy crackers, some jam or a grainy mustard as part of their cheese delivery system, but mostly you’ll find Jon just digging a Mouth wooden spoon straight into a bright log of fresh goat's milk chèvre, or spy Josie scooping a Billy Goat potato chip into an ooey-gooey, pudgy wheel of triple creme.

If you’re anything like Josie and Jon, it’ll be tough to curd your enthusiasm with all the indie masterpieces we’ve added to our virtual cheese counter. We spend countless hours tasting products, so you can be sure the cheeses we carry are only the greatest of the grate. Most are from American makers located in lush, agricultural areas like Vermont, Indiana and Massachusetts. And every hunk of cheese has been made with high-quality milk using age old cheese making methods (happy cows, goats and sheep = happy cheese = happy Mouths). So you won’t find anything processed – only straight-off-the-farm products that would make Little Bo Peep proud. We sure know Josie and Jon think they're whey, whey good.

At the end of the day, sweet dreams are made of cheese. And who are we to dis a brie?

Eat one, Edam all!

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