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How to Win Most Favorite Child: Mother's Day Gifts for All Types of Moms

There are as many types of moms in the world as there are women in the world. Which is to say, your particular mother is unique, a woman like no other…and perhaps not so easy to shop for. That’s why we’re here, to help you out.

This Mother’s Day, get her something that speaks to her spirit. Are we going to recommend that you give her a box full of food and booze? Of course we are. (Your mama didn’t raise no dummy!) But we recognize that your mother is one in three billion seven hundred twenty-one million women on this planet, and as such she deserves a gift that’s just as special and rare. Oh, and don’t forget to include a card. All moms love cards.

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For moms who are always up on the hot newness: Mother of Invention

How does mom always know about all the cool stuff? Is she secretly on Snapchat or something? Is Snapchat even cool? Oh, what do we know. She’s the cool one, always has been. This year, you be the one who shows her something cool: a box of outrageously delicious small-batch, handcrafted treats that Mrs. Cooler Than Her Kids couldn’t even imagine. Spiced watermelon pickles that are both sweet and sour, carrot cake jam that honestly tastes like cake (and it’s glorious), maple syrup flakes that will change the way she thinks about what maple syrup can be, burnt sugar and fennel shortbread for her sophisticated palate and salty crunchy split peas that she’ll be tweeting about in no time.

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For moms who have kids competing for their love: The Mother Load

Of course you love your mother and you want to get her the best gift you can find. But would it be a bad thing if you also wanted to outshine your siblings a little? A bit of familial competition is healthy, especially when that competition takes the form of two kinds of cookies; buttery, salty caramels; crunchy over-the-top-flavored popcorn; an incredible jam flavored with grapefruit, ginger and rosé; handcrafted herbal tea and a jar of summer wildflower honey;  lemonade-spiked dried watermelon and a tropical cocktail mixer. Sound like a lot? It is. And it’s how you win Most Favorite Child.

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For moms who were (and maybe still are) hippies: Mother Nature

If your mom wore Birkenstocks before they became cool again…if your mom gives you a hard time whenever you forget to “put it in the compost”…if your mom listens to public radio on an actual radio because, what, is there another way?...if your mom cooks food for her dogs because do you even know what they put in dogfood, well she wouldn’t eat it, that’s for sure…well, then, your mom’s a hippie. Don’t deny her nature: celebrate it! This gift, which is evidence that indulgent deliciousness can go hand-in-hand with healthy, is just the thing. Packed with not-too-sweet treats, it's got a hand-baked bag of apple-quinoa granola, sun-popped popcorn, dried cranberries and blueberries, organic roasted almonds, zesty dried watermelon, pollen-rich raw wildflower honey sticks, and a totally Mouth-watering cherry-almond granola bar – everything she needs to keep on keepin' on.

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For moms who could use a tropical vacation: Life’s A Beach

Picture this: mom in a bikini. JK! But a beach vacation would be nice for the lady. A warm breeze, the sand between her toes, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, a fruity drink in her hand. While we can’t help you get her to the Caribbean, we can help make her feel like she’s in a tropical paradise. Light the mojito-scented candle (made by Malin+Goetz in Brooklyn, NY), mix up a cocktail (in the set of stemless wine glasses) with the charred grapefruit tonic or the pineapple lime mixer and have her follow the instructions on the hand-embroidered cocktail napkin: “Drink.”

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For moms who are faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive: Small-Batch Super Mom

Seriously, how does the woman do it all? Some days it really does feel like everything could just fall apart if it weren’t for her. So get her a Mother’s Day gift that make her day a little easier…no, not a personal assistant (though that’s a pretty good idea, actually). Give her a gift of goodies fit for every snacking occasion: rich chocolatey cookies, spicy caramel popcorn and crazy delicious sourdough crackers that she can keep in her car or her purse for an on-the-go treat, a lime tonic cocktail mixer that'll make her happy hour even happier and so much more. Or you could just get her a cape – that’s fun, too.

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For moms who just like a little sweet something: Mother’s Yay!

No no no – she doesn’t need a whole big thing, come on now, stop being silly, she’s not even hungry. All she wants is a little something sweet, just a little bite. Let her have it her way; give her a little something sweet for every meal of the day. For breakfast: hand-baked apple granola and a flakey, fruit-packed toaster tart. For an afternoon pick-her-up: chocolate caramels and handmade hard candies (each one lovingly marked with an XO). To end the day sweetly: raspberry thumbprint cookies and light-as-air hibiscus marshmallows sandwiched between rich shortbread. She might protest, but that’s just her way.

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For moms who are on a mission: FEED + MOUTH Indie-pendent Woman

Whatever her cause, she shows up. She’s active and engaged and stands up for what she believes in. The woman is a role model, she is on a mission, and she needs all the fuel she can get. This is the gift that’ll keep her powered up with a lightly caffeinated chai tea concentrate; an indie popped tart that's perfect for eating on the go; salt water taffy that tastes like summer; elegant crackers laced with nuts and seeds; fancy-schmancy black truffle popcorn; and a delicate spring coastal honey to sweeten every moment. Plus, it comes in a sturdy FEED canvas tote that she can proudly carry her snacks in and announce herself: Woman on a Mission.

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For moms who wish everything were covered in chocolate: Chocolate-Covered Mouth

There are times to push your mom, to try and help her expand her world, to teach her how to FaceTime and to explain what Bitcoin is. There are other times when it’s best to just give the lady what she wants: chocolate. Peanut butter sandwich cookies covered in chocolate, whole roasted hazelnuts covered in chocolate, salty pretzels, adorable animal crackers and juicy raisins and mini peanut butter cups – all covered in chocolate! It’s not boring, it’s delicious – and you just know it’s gonna make her so happy.

What's that? Your mom isn't any of these types? We're sure you'll find something she'll like, just take a look at all our Mother's Day gifts here.