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Megpies Popped Tarts: Saving Mornings Since 2012

Raise your hand (from under the covers) if you also think waking up is the hardest thing to do, ever. We’re all about hitting the snooze button until we seriously need to get out of bed or we wouldn’t have time to make the cup of coffee (or three) we need in order to function or pull together a decent breakfast. (#TheStruggleIsReal.)

Enter: Megpies Bakeshop Popped Tarts, saving mornings since 2012.  

If you or someone you know (laying next to you or otherwise) suffers from I Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed Syndrome, this Popped Tart Pack is the medicine. You heard it here first folks: Popped Tarts are the new green juice. 

The pack includes five of Meg’s different all-natural indie popped tarts with totally real, Mouthwatering fillings: Chocolate, Salted Caramel Apple, Strawberry, Cinnamon Brown Sugar and, the Mouth team front-runner, Blueberry. You’ll never look at pop tarts the same way again.

Megpies had a humble start on a brownstone stoop in Brooklyn, with donuts, muffins and other baked goods catching the eyes and appetites of commuters headed to the nearby subway station. When maker Meghan Ritchie introduced her retro popped tart treats at Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg in 2012, they quickly became a hot ticket. We immediately swooned over their buttery, flaky crusts and to-die-for fillings. 

Pair one with a cup of joe, whether it's hot or iced (you’ll actually have enough time to brew a pot now). Heating the Megpie gently in a toaster oven isn't a bad idea, either.

Finally, something worth getting out of bed for.

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