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This Cocktail Mixing Glass Will Blow Your Mind

Andrew Iannazzi began glassblowing back in college. After working at professional glassblowing facilities all over the United States he decided to settle down in Massachusetts, where he now has his own studio. There, he spends his days using both offhand blowing and traditional mold-blowing techniques to create some seriously beautiful works of art.

Andrew is interested in crafting timeless, iconic objects and draws inspiration from historical Italian and Swedish design, as well as from American popular imagery. We see that classical influence in everything he makes, whether it’s his colorful tiki mugs, delicate nesting bowls, beer steins or modern vases.

There was no question: Once we saw what he could do with molten glass, we just knew we had to nab him for a custom design. Together we’ve created a one-of-a-kind, hand-blown Cocktail Mixing Glass with ease and versatility in mind, two things Andrew looks for in everything he creates. The 45-degree angle spout and finger grips on the sides keep our drinks pouring into the glass, not all over the counter, and thanks to the 22.5-ounce capacity, we can mix two or three cocktails at once. And did we mention how pretty it is? 

This functional-yet-beautiful quality of all Andrew’s objects is especially great for us because let’s just say our tiny apartments in Brooklyn are a bit “square-foot challenged.”

Handy glasses and bowls that can be left out and moonlight as décor when not in use? He gets us.