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These Coffee Goodies Will Put A *Spring* In Everyone’s Step

Wake up and smell the coffee! 

We’ve all lost an hour of sleep in exchange for some extra hours of daylight, but not to worry. These goodies will put a spring in everyone’s step.* 

Maybe you know a new parent with a baby who will sleep through the night… when he’s 17. Or a student who could use an extra jolt during midterms. Maybe your partner thought it was a good idea to invite the whole gang over for a dinner party on a work night. 

Here’s what they’ve bean waiting for: this Mouth-watering, high-octane Java Junkie gift bag of coffee-everything that can be enjoyed all hours of the day. Small-batch coffee beans and a cold brew kit from our local roasters, along with some of the best espresso-laced goodies like energy bars, cookies, popcorn and chocolate.

Because it’s always 5 am somewhere. 

*Today is Daylight Saving Time, which means most states in America will “spring forward”, i.e. set their clocks one hour forward and lose an hour in bed. Who’s to thank? Why, good ol’ Benjamin Franklin. In 1784 he wrote an essay called “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light” in which he suggested people get up earlier to make better use of available light and save the use of… candle wax. No comment. The States officially adopted DST on March 19, 1918, which will forever be known as the day everyone really needed a cup of joe.