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When sending a client gift is inappropriate

You’ve got a good client. (And congrats for that, by the way.) You want to send them a little something, but you also don’t want to mess things up! The art of client gifting isn’t just about what gift to choose – it’s also about the whole experience that comes along with it. So how to avoid sending a bad gift? Read on...our expert corporate gifting team is here to help.

Choose Your Gift Budget Carefully

How much to spend on a client gift is a tricky thing to nail down. While you want to spend enough to make a good impression, you don’t want to spend too much so it seems excessive. Many companies and organizations have limits on what value of gifts they can accept, so our team suggests that you double check to make sure you’re in the right range. If you’re the one managing your company’s gifting program, you may want to set some internal limits for your team to make sure everyone’s on the same page. 

Keep It Practical

As fun as white elephant gifts might be at your holiday family gatherings, no one wants to get one of those at the office. For business gifts, stay away from things that could be seen as a nuisance, require a lot of maintenance (we’re looking at you, plants that need special UV lights), or are just plain...weird. Opt for something universally enjoyable, crowd pleasers you know they’ll eat up. Snack subscription, anyone?

Don’t Leave Anyone Out!

If you are buying individual gifts for a team, make sure you are send gifts of equal value for everyone across the board. Or save a little time and send a box of shareable snacks – not only will this be shared with the junior people on the team, this also can have the extra benefit everyone gathering around and talking about how totally awesome the gift is - and how unbelievably thoughtful you are. 

Don’t Assume Everyone Celebrates The Same Holidays

Office holiday parties and gifts are pretty widely accepted in the workplace; it seems Secret Santa is here to stay. But if you send a gift that’s too holiday specific, you do risk alienating a client or making them feel uncomfortable. Our suggestion? Send something seasonal but not too holiday specific - an inclusive gift everyone can appreciate. 

Keep Your Company’s Branding Minimal

Of course you want to promote your company. But too much of your own branding can backfire and leave, ahem, a bad taste in their Mouth. Don’t blow the gifting experience by making it all about you, people! If you do have to include a logo, just make sure it’s tasteful and understated. 

Need help for a specific client gift? Just reach out to our custom gifting concierge...we’re here to help.