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What Makes a Thoughtful College Care Package?

What makes a thoughtful care package? Okay, let’s take a step back and approach this like it’s intro level. What actually is a college care package in the first place? For the purposes of our lecture today, a care package is a box full of goodies sent to someone you love who is currently in college and likely subsisting off dorm food and noodles with questionable sodium content. In other words, it’s a way to send a little love, with a lot of treats. 

Let’s start with the need. What do young and hungry college students need? Apart from an easy grading curve, they need fuel for long nights of studying, quick-fixes between classes, and just some general yummy sustenance. They need food, people. As much as we can’t resist a giant tub of red licorice, we think we can add a bit more to the mix. 

You’ve also got to factor in logistics. Is there a fridge? A microwave? Room on a shelf? A good care package will not be difficult for the college students to deal with.

Care packages also require a little whimsy. Think about it, would you rather open a box full of paper towels, clean socks, and toothpaste, or one packed with salty, sweet, savory, chocolatey, chewy goodies? Easy question. So make sure your care package is exciting enough to Instagram, and even — gasp — write a thank you note for. (Although don’t hold your breath. It’s midterms.)

There’s an obvious go-to for college students: coffee. Minimal sleep, early classes, let’s help ‘em out. We like this DIY Cold Brew Kit for students because it’s everything they need to caffeinate, no machine (or free outlet) required. Or get a cold brew iced coffee starter kit that comes with a swanky tumbler, reusable straws, and an ice ball maker, just in case you have your doubts that they even own a drinking vessel at this point. 

You also can’t go wrong with classic care package snacks. Even less wrong when you opt for variations on that classic snack. Or in this case, a box packed with as many delicious artisan popcorns as we could find. White cheddar? Yep. Rosemary and olive oil? Also yep. Bacon toffee caramel corn? Absolutely. Is it for movie night? Does it count as a meal? Who knows. 

And if you yourself are balancing a heavy syllabus at the moment, cut to the chase with Snack University, a one-stop box for the ultimate college care package. It’s packed with goodies that are all completely dorm shelf stable and will absolutely come in handy any time the dining hall is inconveniently closed or their meal plan runs out. Think brown butter salty cookies, cracked pepper turkey jerky, spicy cheddar coins, organic sriracha to douse on cafeteria food—you get the idea, it’s grade-A stuff. 

We also love this box full of sustainable snacks, for a conscientious student you love who is committed to less waste, but more snacks. And considering majoring in Environmental Science, of course.  

If there’s a college student you care about, prove it. A well-stocked care package is the perfect way to show you miss them, you believe in them, and you love them too much to let them eat boring snacks.