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Mouth's Guide to Effortlessly Packing the Perfect Picnic

Here at Mouth, as soon as the temperature hits 60 degrees, we all get cabin... er... super cool office in Brookyln... fever. Grilling tools get polished, the flippy-floppies come out and the ol’ wicker picnic basket sees the sunshine again. We just want to be outside! And we think you do, too. But before you go running to the nearest park or beachfront ready to wow your friends with your casual fare, al fresco dining, make sure you cover all your picnic bases by consulting our handy guide to packing the perfect picnic. 

1. All about that base: The picnic blanket

Though you could grab an old beach towel, tablecloth or plastic trash bag, picnic like a damn adult and set yourself up with a picnic blanket with a waterproof lining on one side. Take a note from The British Bake-Off—no one likes a soggy bottom.

2. The cool kids: Insulated Tumblers

At Mouth, we always abide by open container laws... of course. But we’ll look the other way if you don’t. The real crime is rose or white wine that’s been sweating in the sun all day. Triple-insulated tumblers keep your wine... cough, we mean non-alcoholic lemonade, chilled for nine whole hours. Nothing tepid about that!

3. We’re here for the food: Picnic in a Box

Box is the new basket! Our Picnic in a Box comes packed with salt and pepper pistachios, hearty crisps and flatbreads, savory spreads, raw cheddar cheese and a game-changing salami flecked with black truffle. For more picnic-ready deliciousness, check out the Cheese Board Meating Box, which comes complete with a slate cutting board. Pic-chic!

4. Tools of the trade: Essential utensils and paper goods

What’s the #1 thing that’s forgotten at picnics? The forks, knives, and napkins. Oh, and wine glasses. Keep it claaaaassy, and break out Meri Meri’s paper cups with little gilded stars. And if your wine has a cork, don’t forget that opener! You don’t want to be screwed.

5. And really don’t forget: The Dessert

We’ve packed blackberry jam shortbread cookies in the picnic box, and they happen to be one of our newest cookie obsessions. Or try spreading a honey-sweetened jam on the last remaining crisps.

6. Clean up your act: Trash bags

We know. You don’t want to think about your picnic ending already—stop speeding up my life, Mouth people! But this is a “save the earth” reminder to toss a trash bag in your picnic box for easy clean up when all the rosé is gone. Future picnickers (and the cute furry animals in the surroundings) will thank you.

Not the picnic organizer this time? All of these goodies from the boards to the tumblers to the truffle salami make great gifts for the host of any picnic, barbecue or al fresco cookout. Well, everything except the trash bags.

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