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Here's How To Upgrade That Sourdough You've Been Posting On Instagram

We’re living in uncertain times, but one thing is for sure: Sourdough is having a MOMENT. As the world has hunkered down, baking has become the biggest thing since… well, sliced bread. And sourdough, which is leavened naturally – hence the sourdough starters you’ve been hearing so much about – and doesn’t require you to buy (increasingly hard-to-find) yeast, is undoubtedly the bread of the hour. Once you’ve mastered your starter, only one question remains: Uh, what am I supposed to do with all of this BREAD? 

Of course, sourdough is delicious all on its own, but it also makes the perfect palette for a host of delicious spreads. And, as a bonus: a fully-loaded slice of perfectly toasted, home-baked bread is a much more impressive Instagram post than the same misshapen loaf everyone else is so proud of. Here are some of our favorite sourdough upgrades, whether you’re doing it for the likes, or just jonesing for the perfect afternoon snack. 

Sweet ‘n’ sour

If there’s a more satisfying yin yang than sweet and sour, we haven’t found it. Pickled blueberries will add the perfect tangy sweetness to your sourdough. For a truly next-level toast, smear on some ricotta first before adding the bluebs – or even a little bit of that last bit of cream cheese (no waste!) – and hurry with the photo, because you’ll want to eat this up right away. 

Peanut butter jelly time

We’re definitely finding ourselves reaching for comfort foods right about now (oh hello, mac & cheese for the fifth night in a row), and few things are more comforting than a good old PB&J. May we suggest an update to your old favorite by combining honey-sweetened raspberry jam with handcrafted, stone ground peanut—or cashew!—butter. Nostalgia never tasted so nostalgic. 

Kind of a big dill

Pickles and cheese are a favorite sandwich combination in the UK, and we think it’s high time it found an audience on this side of the pond. Slightly sweet bread and butter pickles will pair perfectly with dill pollen goat cheese on a slice of crusty sourdough. Serve it on your finest china for major high tea vibes. 

So keep churning out those loaves – your #sourdough is going to be the belle of the boule.