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This Punch Kit Makes Holidays With The In-Laws 100% Easier

Nothing says “holiday” like getting punch-drunk with your favorite elves.

So we’ve come up with a swanky and simple Holiday Punch Kit, plus a recipe (see below) which is sure to get everyone in the spirit. 

Everything needed to punch things up is included – a boldly flavorful, unconventional American gin (blended with traditional botanicals like juniper and elderberries, mixed with some newer favorites like cinnamon and hibiscus); a festive, small-batch indie bubbly; a floral, fragrant, tart and complex Grapefruit Hibiscus Cocktail Mixer; and bourbon-infused Cocktail Cherries for garnish. Gotta have a cherry on top.

You’ll be singing carols and decking the halls in no time. Plus: it makes washing down the annual fruitcake (brought by your aunt, who will remain nameless) a lot easier.

Holiday Punch

3 ounces New York Distilling Company Dorothy Parker American Gin
3 ounces Morris Kitchen Grapefruit Hibiscus Cocktail Mixer 
3 ounces Gruet Winery Sauvage Sparkling Blanc de Blanc
1½ ounces lemon juice
Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Cocktail Cherries, for garnish 


1. Combine gin, mixer, sparkling wine and lemon juice in a tumbler.
2. Gently stir to mix ingredients.
3. Garnish each glass with a few bourbon-infused cherries.

Punch bowl not included.

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