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Our Holiday Gift Guide For People With Mouths

Whether they think they’re Top Chef, have their internal clock set to happy hour, host every dinner party, dance to the sound of their own offbeat drum, have very specific tastes or you just simply love them a choco-lot, we’re here to help you give them what they really want: indie small-batch goodies.

These gifts have their name written all over it. (Or will be, once we wrap and ship ‘em out.)


E.V.O.O.: Exceptional Vinegars & Outstanding Oils – Fancy oil is so delicious, but why stop with olive? We didn't. This collection of indie oils and vinegars is just waiting to be drizzled and dipped.

Hand-Dipped Wooden Spoon Trio – The three spoons in this set are the perfect size for quickly turning veggies in the oven, stirring soups in high-walled stockpots or hand-mixing a bowl of cake batter.

Indie-gredients Every Month – This monthly box features the most show stopping small-batch sauces, oils, vinegars, hot sauces, condiments and spices in the shop. A great option for enthusiastic home cooks whether they’re budding gourmands or condiment crazed!


Holiday Sparkling Cocktail Kit – Secret Santa, carols being sung ‘round the fire, kids buzzing on sugar. The holiday season is a time for celebrating, and what would a celebration be without the sound of glasses clinking with something bubbly? This gift bag is a total fizz fest.

The Martini Kit – This swanky kit comes packed with everything needed for two mega-good martini styles. There’s a super-versatile, clean vodka that plays well with other cocktail elements; a boldly flavorful American dry gin; and an extra-dry vermouth that impressively balances more than 15 herbs and spices. Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Far North Solveig Gin – Unlike most gins, Solvieg (SOUL-vai) is made of individually distilled botanicals that each get solo time to shine. Everything’s eventually blended to create a creamy, ethereally light spirit, but each citrus fruit, herb and spice maintains its own excellent depth of flavor. And the stunning bottle makes the perfect option for someone with a lot of spirit.


Champagne + Wine Stemless Glasses – Govino’s flexible flutes and stemless wine glasses are made of BPA-free polymers and are both reusable and recyclable (and can go in the top rack of the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze). We’re obsessed. 

Cocktail Party In A Bag! – This party-ready collection of crowd-pleasing spirits, wine, mixers, snacks and sweets will make entertaining all play and no work. Send it to your favorite host-type and you just might get invited back.

Holiday Punch Kit – Nothing says “holiday” like getting punch-drunk with your favorite elves. So we’ve come up with a totally simple but seriously impressive holiday punch kit that is sure to be a huge hit, whether they’re mixing for many or for just one.


Maple Sugar Cube – Yep, you heard right: a solid brick of straight-up maple syrup. You don't pour, you grate. Genius. Not only is this crystalline cube of solid Grade A sugared maple a gorgeous, downright decorative addition to any table – it'll also inspire them to use maple syrup in all kinds of new ways!  

Hopped Whiskey – It's not distilled from agave; in fact, it starts out as white whiskey, infused with Centennial hops (the same kind of plant used in beer). Its clean, floral bitterness gives this whiskey a floral, herbal flavor similar to many non-aged tequilas. It sounds odd, and it sorta is, but in the best way. 

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups – Each mini chocolate cup encases a just-right hunk of peanut butter and the crunch of chicharron (you know, crispy-fried pork skin!). It's all topped with a sprinkling of smoked salt flakes. Yes. That other cup, the one that rhymes with pieces, just can't compete.


Paleo Goodies – Know someone whose gone Paleo? Us too. This collection of independently made Paleo goodies is sure to keep your favorite cavman happy.  

Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies – Finally! A Mouth-watering mix of gluten-free deliciousness. Whether they’ve given up gluten by choice, or because they have a sensitivity or serious allergy, we’re on it. These cookies are so good they’ll be shocked.

Vegan Holiday Goodies – Whether they’re gone vegan for health or ethical reasons – or, heck, just because they don’t like meat – this gift bag is heaped with goodies they can indulge on without concern.


Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness – Know someone whose love for chocolate borders on scary? If we're honest, it might be the one liquid in which we'd be willing to drown. But that's a little much. Instead, we created this collection of chocolate-doused goodies – everything from animal crackers to peanut butter cookies.

Chocolate Whiskey – Cacao husks leftover from Mast Brothers chocolate-making, steeped in Kings County moonshine – talk about an awesome Brooklyn duo! The moonshine brings a subtle sweetness to the earthy bitterness and rich flavor of the cacao. The sleek flask is a total keeper.

Single-Origin Chocolate Taster – This makes a sweet gift for chocolate fiends, whether they're life-long connoisseurs or just getting started with the good stuff.

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