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This Holiday Cookie Plate Is Santa-Approved

Is there anything better than a tray full of festive cookies? Well, here's one: homemade cookies you don't have to bake.

This Holiday Cookie Plate is a standout selection of the best cookies we’ve got this season:

The perfect Gingersnaps (strong and crispy on the outside, a little soft give on the inside, with spicy and sweet staying power), Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (rich, fudgy, swanky dark chocolate cookies so big and thick – a signature combo in any treat baked by The Good Batch, one of our first makers), thin, warmly spiced Speculoos Spice Cookies (Belgium’s national cookie, made for cozy winter days) and buttery, Raspberry Cave thumb-print shortbread cookies inspired by Swedish tradition. All work just fine with an evening pot of tea, too, thank you very much.

Send a little cookie love near and far with these incredible seasonal treats.

Santa-approved. Milk not included.

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