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Happy Trails: Dried Fruits And Nuts Worth Hiking For

Our motto is work happy, but we believe in working healthy, too! Brain food keeps us focused and productive (at least until our 3 pm sugar cravings kick in).

So, we put together a collection of our favorite nuts and dried fruits that we’re perfectly happy to munch on all day. And these aren’t just any nuts and berries (hello dried cherries and Brined & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds…). We’re picky. Especially when it comes to snacks.

Take Allgood Provisions' Mouth-watering Trail Mix. No, this isn’t the over-salted, stale stuff you’d find at a Shell station on your way to the Grand Canyon.

We want crunch. We like organic. So when this trailblazing trail mix hit our tasting table, we knew we wouldn't have to settle again.

The mix? Fat, juicy raisins, cranberries and mulberries, roasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, the high anti-oxidant awesomeness of goji berries, minus any additives, preservatives, and other nasty junk. This means sustained energy and good health for any adventure, whether you’re climbing a canyon, running a marathon, or marathoning action flicks. 

In addition to being organic, this mix is also vegan, with ingredients that are sustainably sourced almost entirely from independent farmers throughout the U.S.

Just because you’re working healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have a tasty time doing it!

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