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Get That Dreidel Spinning With Hanukkah In A Bag

Oy to the world: Hanukkah is coming. The mad scramble for unbroken candles. The smell of onions and potatoes. A new song parody from the Maccabeats.          

So give 'em Hanukkah In A Bag, chock full of goodies worth spinning a dreidel for. Small-batch Gelt made by Mama Ganache (seriously, these actually taste like what they are – rich milk chocolate – not waxy stuff from the drugstore), a Chocolate Menorah Pop made by Tumbador (perfect for handing out at your latke fest, or upping the stakes in the next round of dreidel) and all-natural, handmade Hanukkah Candies, intricately designed with menorahs and stars by Raley’s Confectionary.

Plus, the festive kit includes a few standout jars for a latke toppings bar that will blow your candles out – a complexly sweet and flavorful, quick cheat for super-caramelized onions, French Onion Confit made by Three Little Figs, and sticky, swoon-worthy Apple Caramel Preserves made by Rare Bird.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Hanukkah without a smooth, full-bodied and rich Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Enzo.

What a miracle.

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