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4 Hot Dog Toppings that Will Forever Transform your Summer

Ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut…yawn. Hot dogs are a near perfect food, so why not honor their deliciousness with toppings beyond the expected? There are really no limits to what might make it into your hot dog fixings bar (because who doesn’t love a hot dog fixings bar?). But we spend an unnatural amount of time thinking about the ultimate hot dog, and we’d be remiss not to share some of our favorite combinations with you. From a bacon and egg dog to a summery bounty-of-fresh-veggies frank, up your barbecue cred instantly with these genius (if we do say so ourselves) concoctions.


bacon and eggs breakfast hot dog

Wake Up Dog

Peter Luger Bacon + Eggs

Can we be frank? We dreamed up this unsurprisingly delicious concoction because a hot dog is just not that far away from a breakfast sausage, after all. Plus, any day that starts with a hot dog breakfast sandwich is going to be a very good day. But don’t let the bacon and eggs deter you from enjoying this delicacy for any meal and at any time. Peter Lugar’s super thick bacon stands up to the meaty richness of a frank. And a just-a-little-runny egg yolk creates the perfect built-in sauce.


Popcorn and hot sauce movie night hot dogs

Movie Night Dog

Bjornqorn popcorn + JoJo’s Sriracha

We love a movie night in summer, perhaps outside on a rooftop, in a park, or maybe inside with the AC on full blast. Either way, this indie dog is the perfect companion to your favorite indie flick. Impart some welcome crunch and heat with Spicy BjornQuorn—popped with sunshine (seriously!) in New York’s Hudson Valley. It’s dusted with a generous sprinkle of jalapeño powder, but if you want even more heat, a squeeze of Jojo's Sriracha, made with only five ingredients in Denver, does the trick.


Avocado Summer Salad Hot Dog


Avocado + Cowboy Rub Grilled Corn + Tomatoes + Pickled String Beans

This hot dog was born from necessity—there are so many tempting foods at a barbecue, and so little time to eat them all, especially when holding a nice cold beer in one hand. We landed on the perfect solution: pile your bounty on a hot dog and dig in. Grilled corn, creamy avocado, and those little candy-sweet summer tomatoes are excellent contenders, as are spicy pickled string beans. Better yet, add them all for a maximalist and satisfying approach. 


pickle loaded hot dog

Dilly Dog

Kansas City Canning Co. Garlic Dill Pickles + Plymouth Original Cheddar + Wilder Sweet + Hot Mustard

Pickles and hot dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly, or, well, pickles and hot dogs. That bright, tangy pickle crunch is the dog’s ideal foil. Garlic Dill pickled kirbies from Kansas City Canning Co. lend a pop of peppercorn meets plenty of fresh dill. Round it out with some slivers of creamy East Meadow Cheddar, crafted from a 1920 recipe in a historic Vermont dairy, and a nice squeeze of sweet & hot mustard with the sort of perfect grainy texture hot dogs fantasize about. 

Happy dog days of summer! For more small-batch hot dog upgrades visit our Indie Hot Dog Toppings Collection