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This Natural Blondie Definitely Has More Fun

If blondes have more fun, are blondies a more thrilling bite?

Debate this all you want, but one thing we know for sure is that this Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Blondie from Greyston Bakery is as sweet as can be. With a buttery, tender bite and caramel-y brown sugar sweetness speckled with tasty dark chocolate chips, it's sort of in a baked-good league of its own.

And the only thing sweeter than this blondie is Greyston Bakery's mission: They "bake to hire people," not the other way around. The company creates jobs that are designed to foster community economic renewal and personal growth through a system they call PathMaking. The founder Roshi Bernie Glassman is a Zen Master (yes, really!) who incorporates Buddhist philosophies and methods into the fabric of the company.

Jobs at Greyston are designed to not only employ, but also teach employees important life skills. Greyston employees rate the quality of each of the five aspects of their mandala – mind, body, health, spirit and self – on a worksheet, and use it to gauge personal growth and life progress.

So far, the company's been super successful, both in social impact and as a profitable business. By churning out consistently delicious, high-quality treats which popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's has used in their products since the '80s (when Greyston’s was founded).

Now there’s a smart company mission that’s totally killing the blondie stereotype!