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At Long Last, Our One True Peanut Butter Cookie

Tender, chewy, super-nutty, just the right kind of crunchy – this is our one true Peanut Butter Cookie. It's a delicious lifeline straight back to afternoons spent helping out in the kitchen, armed with a jar of  PB (crunchy! no, creamy!) and a bag of sugar. 

Katherine Frankstone, founder of Grey Ghost Bakery, knows that the taste of a truly good cookie should be a bit haunting – and maybe even keep you up at night. That’s why she named her cookie company after the local ghost of Pawleys Island, South Carolina (where Katherine grew up), who is believed to alert residents to impending storms. 

When Katherine was in college, her mom always knew when her daughter had an exam because she'd find her baking cookies (instead of studying). As it turns out, Katherine wasn't slacking, she was simply cramming for her future career. By the time she had kids of her own, Katherine had a rep for turning out ghoulishly good cookies.

You can even see the marks on top where Katherine presses each cookie with a fork. These are handmade, and they taste homemade in the best possible way.

Is it just us, or is a glass of milk and some Saturday morning cartoons in order?