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How To Eat Like A Caveman Every Night Of The Week

Looking to get your caveman on?

There’s no better way to do it than with this juicy steak sampler from Greensbury Market. It serves four totally different cuts of Mouth-watering, organic grass-fed beef: four filet mignon steaks, two pounds of ground beef, two New York strip steaks and two flank steaks. *insert heart eye emoji here*

Todd Horowitz, founder of Greensbury Market, believes that “eating real food should be more accessible, because when we dine well we live well.” Ooga, ooga! Plus, all the meats that come from Greensbury are raised free of antibiotics and other undesirables. They get their beef from Rastelli Foods Group, one of the country’s largest suppliers of organic grass-fed beef. Both companies have a shared vision that cattle should be raised in a way that’s humane and sustainable – which, lucky for us, results in some of the tastiest beef we’ve come across. Conscientious carnivores can feel good about what they’re eating.

Pro tip: To really do these superior steak cuts justice, try seasoning with this Coffee Dry Rub, or marinating in a Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce.

Boom. Nice to meat you.

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