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Meat These 6 Collections That Totally Raise The Steaks

Here at Mouth HQ, everyone’s talking about their holiday plans. Mike wants to cook something special this year, but doesn’t have time to shop. Nancy strategically planned it so she can’t be there to help with the cooking, but still wants Mom to know she cares. Sam’s daughter has finals and can’t make it home until later this year, but he still wants to feed her. The solution? Gifts that we put together with our friends at Greensbury Market, which we are sending to literally everyone we know (including ourselves). Happy holidays, have a steak!

Todd Horowitz, the founder of Greensbury, believes that “eating real food should be more accessible, because when we dine well we live well.” Yay Todd! So Greensbury gets their beef from Rastelli Foods Group, one of the country’s largest suppliers of organic grass-fed beef. Greensbury and Rastelli have a shared vision that cattle should be raised in a way that’s humane and sustainable – which, lucky for us, results in some of the tastiest meat we’ve come across. (And which everyone in our address books will now come across, too.)

Plus, all the meats from Greensbury are raised free of antibiotics and other undesirables, so with these six awesome collections, you can feel good, both ethically and flavor-ly:

Carnivore Kitchen is packed with New York strip steaks, flank steaks, chicken breasts and halibut filets, so your favorite paleo can eat like a caveman every night of the week.

Holiday Dinner In A Bag comes with a juicy, free-range organic turkey plus all the indie-gredients needed to create a great rub/marinade/brine that perfectly complements the bird. Brine the turkey in Maple Sugar, Bourbon Smoked Pepper and Finishing Sea Salt. Roast your carrots in Shallot Oil, toss your green beans in the Whole Grain Mustard, dress your salad with Fig Balsamic Vinegar and use the Finishing Sea Salt on literally everything. Have your own seasonings and just want the bird? Then Let’s Talk Turkey. Boom. Done.

Meat Up serves four totally different cuts of Mouth-watering, organic grass-fed beef (which is, coincidentally, the number of in-laws Kate has to cook for): four filet mignons, two pounds of ground beef, two New York strip steaks and two flank steaks. 

Or, if you want to Raise The Steaks, we have four small-batch, and completely one-of-a-kind incredible sauces. You can slather any of these before or after cooking. Also in the bag? A tangy Horseradish Mustard and some of that unbelievable Finishing Sea Salt we mentioned earlier

Going fancy? Surf + Turf In A Bag. This exclusive combo of strip steaks and lobster tails from Greensbury Market is a luxurious feast for two. (And, ahem, makes a great center of plate for your Christmas or New Year’s date.) We know, we know, filet mignon is traditionally paired with lobster, but we like a little more fat (a.k.a. flavor) on our meat. We’ve upped the ante and paired the juicy strip and lobster tails with a few indie-gredients that’ll really make ‘em sing. Meyer Lemon Salt, for the surf. Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper and Whole Grain Mustard, for the turf. Just rub and sprinkle everything on, then grill.

Holiday dinner – solved.

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