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5 Gifts To Congratulate Your Favorite Grad-u-ate

Whether they’re moving on to college or the big scary real world, your favorite grad will love these tasty gift totes, packed with goodies to fuel the journey (and the many selfies to come)!

Here are 5 gift picks for a well-fed future: 

#ClassOf2017: For the grad-u-ate who got an A+ in Snacking 101
With much pomp and circumstance, we're thrilled to introduce this gift tote, jam-packed with 17 (get it?) outrageously delicious goodies: crunchy potato chips, indie cheesy puffs, incredible marshmallow sandwich cookies, the best popcorn ever, our favorite granola and energy bars, and much, much more. Some are even reasonably healthy, but not textbook boring.

Raise The Bar: For your 20-something cousin who’s ready for more than lite beer
Our independent distillers are raising the bar with inventive takes on classic spirits. We pulled out our best bottle service to help your favorite graduate start their first bar cart! Think: a gin, vodka, bourbon, rum and more. Makes a great gift for the budding liquor enthusiast.

Monthly Snacks Box: For a grandkid who’s heading to grad school (sans meal plan)
Calling all snackers! This is the #1 gift for a grad who loves to nosh. Each month they’ll receive an expertly-curated selection of our favorite crunchy, crumbly, chewy, salty or sweet finds. A great choice for grazers and nibblers of all kinds. 

Bring Home The Bacon: For your entry-level analyst who’s renting a one-bedroom
In case you haven't heard: Bacon goes with everything! And our small-batch makers have paired it with all our favorite snacks and spreads, from maple sugar to pickled cukes to peanuts and popcorn and more. They’ll totally pig out on this collection of swine-y treats. 

Pantry In A Bag: For your culinary school overachiever, whose dream is to make it to the final round of Chopped
We're all about being prepared here at Mouth, and there's nothing better than coming home to a well-stocked pantry. Whether they’re ready to take staples to the next level, or are just starting out and need to fill those empty shelves stat, they’ll be thrilled to reach for these amazing and easy-to-use products.

Copy of "Oh, The Places You’ll Go!" not included.

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