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Gift Of The Week: Tricks ‘n' Treats

Here at Mouth HQ we take our candy very seriously, and believe if you’re going to consume your body weight in it once a year (hello, Halloween), it should only be the best of the best. (Okay fine, we think you should only eat the best of the best every day of the year.)

In our frighteningly delectable Tricks ‘n Treats gift bag, you’ll find indie goodies way better than the big plastic bags of stuff you get at the corner store: peeping peanut butter and jelly eyeballs made by Tumbador chocolatiers, dark chocolate-covered sea salt caramels, apple caramel popcorn, foil wrapped Día de Muertos chocolate lollipops and the best salted caramel apple salt water taffy we’ve ever tried (the secret is a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, fresh black pepper and a splash of angostura bitters).

Want more? The larger size option comes with all the above mentioned treats, plus peanut butter cookies just crying out for milk, an elegantly elevated orange white chocolate chili bar, cinnamon brown sugar popped tarts, a kind of spooky but mostly cute (like your kid’s Halloween costume this year) chocolate ghost pop and a box of totally stunning, gold dusted gianduja skulls that are almost too pretty to eat.

Going to a costume party? This indie candy bag makes an above and beyond host gift. Or a sweet care package for a kid, grandkid, niece or nephew away at school or living in another city. And, be honest, isn’t this exactly what your October-obsessed friend wants (the one who decided what they were going to be this year last November 1st)?

Halloween has never been so spookily small batch.

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