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A Gift Guide Horoscope For The Sagittarius In Your Life

If you or someone you know has a birthday that falls in December, you already know what that means: A birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas? No one gets as many gifts in one month as a Sagittarius, which is probably why they’re famous for being so notoriously happy.

But what to get the Sag who has it all? These three small-batch goodies have the name of your favorite archer written all over them:

Sagittarians are curious and energetic, so a Chocolate Coffee Energy Bar from New Ground Foods will fuel their fire. This high-octane bar really does hold the power of a full cup of fair-trade coffee, with organic chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon for a mocha latte vibe. It’s got a nice, tenderly chewy base of dates, oats and crisped brown rice, plus smooth almond butter and a sprinkling of chia seed. Basically, everything a Sag would want in a breakfast.  

Sagittarians are also known for their love of travel and constant search for the meaning of life. This Thai Basil Cocktail Mixer from Pok Pok is just the ticket: It’ll send them on a sensory trip to Thailand, where they are sure to find at least some answers, like “Oh, that’s what Thai basil tastes like!” (a very big life question, indeed). This mixer is a flavor-punch of Thai basil (a little more floral than Italian basil), sparked by vinegar and a little salt, and sweetened with cane sugar. Mixed with whiskey or rum, it’s the best balance of all our favorite tastes, and adds a bright, vacation-y vibe to any drink, anytime. Just like a Sag’s smile. 

And, finally, the Sagittarian is extroverted, enthusiastic and always the life of the party. These Party Temporary Tattoos from Tattly say it all. With these festive temporary tatts, the party goes where Sag goes! (Like it always does.) This Party Pack has everything they need to adorn themselves in all things celebratory. Slip in their birthday card, stocking, or hide around the house for them to find.

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