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Hop To It: These Chocolate Bunnies Are The Best Thing About Easter

Silly Rabbit, chicks are for kids! Your Easter basket deserves something a little cuter (and indie-er).

This fluffle* of 15 purple-dusted Chocolate Bunnies made by Alma Chocolate are a righteous way to satisfy your sweet tooth while the kids search for eggs. 

Sarah Hart, the founder of Alma, learned how to cook from her mom, back in Springfield, Missouri. They were in the kitchen all the time, using herbs fresh-picked from the garden. Sarah's knack for experimentation came from mom too, who had a massive collection of Time Life cookbooks and was constantly tweaking the recipes.

She went on to learn the craft of chocolate from working with Ian Titterton, formerly of Moonstruck Chocolates, for ten years, long before artisanal chocolate was a “thing.” He taught her the beauty of marrying excellent technical skills with creative passion – a philosophy she carries with her every day. Indeed, Sarah’s creativity knows no bounds. If she had it her way, she'd introduce a new product every day!

These adorable bunnies are made with pure, unadulterated dark chocolate and dusted with a silvery-purple shimmer. Keep a few on your desk until you just can't resist anymore, or scatter some across your Easter dinner table. Also makes a great gift for your favorite bunny, or winner of the egg hunt! 

*The actual name for a group of bunnies. Google it. 

Hop to it! 


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