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Fall Movie Night: How To Netflix And *Actually* Chill

What would fall be without cozy nights spent inside, snuggled up around the TV, binge-watching reruns of your favorite shows? And with our Movie Night Taster, you can bring the best part of the movie theater to the best seat in the house: your living room. 

Salty popcorn makes for a snack you can munch from previews to credits without clogging an artery, and when you want a break from salty, turn to upgrades of candy classics like dreamy fruit chews, scene-stealing chocolate bars and more.

Whether you're craving crunchy and salty or sweet and creamy, there's a movie night snack here for you. And while there's enough to share with your crowd, we suggest hoarding the sugar-flecked organic gummy bears to yourself (yeah, they're that good!).

Makes a great gift for indie film fans, college students and, let’s face it, yourself. 

Dun dun.