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Breaking News: Energy Bars Don’t Have To Taste Like Cardboard

We all know the preservative-laden, unpronounceable-ingredient-filled energy bars found at the gas station are, well, gross. They taste like old leather, stale dried fruit and make you feel like you’re licking cardboard – and that’s some of the better ones you’d find at a Shell. But when you’re eating healthy, you’ve gotta keep your energy up! Snacking is tiring business, people.

We’re here to help you stay energized and actually have a tasty time doing so. With all the indie, small-batch energy bars we’ve discovered (think: chewy Peach Ginger Energy Bars), you’ll actually want to hit the gym, just so you can justify eating one (okay, two) after. 

Take our eye-opening Chocolate Coffee Energy Bar, for example. It’s a full cup of coffee and a power-packed breakfast in one. Yep, Johnny Farad and Ali Kothari of New Grounds Food are our heroes. As  freshmen in college, tired of waking up without time for breakfast and essential caffeination, they started asking, “Why can’t we eat our coffee?” They (hey, just like us!). They set out to find a way to jump-start their days on-the-go without sacrificing nutrition. Their fueled-up bar really does hold the power of a full cup of fair-trade coffee, plus organic chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon for that mocha latte vibe. It’s got a nice, tenderly chewy base of dates, oats and crisped brown rice, plus smooth almond butter and a sprinkling of chia seeds. Everything you could want in a breakfast.  

Grab a whole case if you are morning-challenged. Seriously, these bars have saved our bleary eyes on more than one triple-snooze morning. Also great for early morning travel if you've had one too many bad experiences juggling your carry-on bag and a hot cup of coffee. 

An energy bar that actually works and tastes good while doing it? Yes, please.

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