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All of the Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas That’ll Prove You're the Golden Child

Everyone (and their mother) knows that Mother’s Day is really all about brunch. Oh, yeah... and showing your mom that you appreciate her. After all, who was the one who pulled the covers off you every school morning, made sure you were clean and dressed (in appropriate clothes, for both weather and modesty), packed your soccer uniform and made you hot oatmeal for breakfast and an egg salad wrap for lunch, all before the 7am bus arrived? If she got you up at 6:15, that means she had to get up at 6:00. And we have an important update—no one likes to wake up at that hour (it’s the middle of the night, as far as we’re concerned). And that includes mom, no matter how Wonder Woman-esque she is.

So thank her for showering you with early morning love and graciousness and throw her the Mother’s Day brunch of her dreams. If you want to make mom a brunch that is guaranteed to flip her out, read on. These Mother’s Day brunch ideas are all you need. Bonus points if you serve it in the comfort of her own bed.

Mother’s Day Cocktails Because She Deserves a Toast

Brunch is just breakfast, but slowed down and with better menu options. Give a luxurious Mother’s Day brunch and lean in on the cocktails. Standard mom’s day cocktail fare is champagne and OJ. With our Just Add Champagne kit, mom’s traditional mimosa takes a turn for pastel pink – a juicy pomegranate-ginger mixer, cherry bitters, or a splash of real grenadine. Go for a literal cherry on top, and add a bourbon-soaked cherry into her glass The only downside? She’ll want to start every morning with one of these. Here’s to the ladies who brunch.

If mom isn’t exactly the bubbly type, treat her to a floral or fruity cocktail. Hibiscus lavender syrup is like a Mother’s Day bouquet in a glass. Adding one simple tart-meets-floral tablespoon to a standard G&T or margarita will completely transform them. And we are smitten with a Watermelon Margarita mixer brewed from watermelon (of course), pomegranate and white tea. Mom will be eagerly asking for a refill, and, hey, it’s her day.

And note: if those don’t sound like mom’s cup of tea, check out our full spring cocktail ideas guide.

Other Drinks to Energize Mom’s Day

Mom’s day is a marathon for many. Not only is it her Mother’s Day, but it’s also Mother’s Day for her mother, her spouse’s mother, her sister who just had a newborn baby and her demanding sisters-in-law. There’s so much relative visiting, loading kids into and out of the minivan and small talk... she needs a boost. Not just with those Mother’s Day cocktails.

Our Positivi-Tea box is filled with a trio of refreshing and reviving teas, including a tart hibiscus rose, a zingy white lemon ginger and a matcha that promotes whole-body wellness. Each will stimulate her mind and keep her alert for the marathon ahead. If mom is super on-trend, you might want to consider a golden milk, made from turmeric concentrate. Like tea, it’s brewed from a blend of spices and aromatics, sans actual tea leaves. Turmeric powder, pink and black peppercorn, ginger, allspice and lemongrass come together for a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drink. Golden hour, mom style.

Alternately, go for a good ol’ fashioned cup ‘o’ Joe... erm, we mean, cup of whatever your dad’s name is. Cold brew from Grady’s will give the buzz Mom craves with New Orlean’s style chicory infused coffee. Unsure how to make cold brew? Just follow our simple tutorial.

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas for a Strong Start

If jam is Mom’s jam (and she’s ever the Tina Turner fan), give her our Stand by Your Jam box. This special Mother’s Day gift box includes a tasting of all our favorite jams and jellies: a rich plum cutting preserve with a cooling minty finish; organic blueberry jam, bursting with late-summer juiciness; super-thick luxurious strawberry jam with hints of rose; indulgent cherry jam cooked with sticky-sweet Vermont honey and tart hibiscus; sunny bright apricot orange jam; and a game-changing carrot cake jam that is (almost) like starting the day with a big slab of cake. Warm toast spread with these preserved fruits will serve as the perfect start.

Another mom’s day hit around our houses is a grown-up version of those tarts she used to put in your hand when you were dashing for that bus. Our small-batch toaster tarts are like warm berry pie, with a totally natural, concentrated fruit filling in the center.

If mom is more of the natural woman, the crunchy granola type, serve a Greek yogurt parfait, layered with sprinkles of toasty pecan, cherry + coconut granola and raw honey harvested from bees in the Catskill Mountains. M-om nom nom.

A Mother’s Day Brunch Main Fit For a Queen

And when it comes to luxurious Mother’s Day brunch ideas, there is one ingredient that rises above all: black truffle. A frittata made with rich black truffle-infused cheddar cheese and bright spring vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli rabe is the food equivalent of placing a crown on her head. Don’t forget an extra sprinkle of hand-harvested white truffle sea salt for an added layer of earthy-floral perfume. If she doesn’t feel like a queen after that, we don’t know what will.

The Final Boost

Once you’ve officially been awarded the “favorite child” award from your brunch gifting skills, it’s time to hit the ground running. As the light haze of her cocktails starts to wear off, make sure she has is ready to power through the day with a few energy bars from our Raise the Bars box. Choose from figgy chai nut butter bars to chewy strawberry coconut... it’ll be enough to keep the whole family going.

By the time you’re done with Mother’s Day brunch, mom will be thankful for all those days she woke up early to tend to your needs, because—hey, you didn’t turn out all that bad. For even more Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, check out our complete guide, sorted by the type of mom she is. Crunchy granola mom? We have stuff to appeal to Mother Nature. Zen mama? Namaste right here with some calming teas and hand-made candles. Or does she simply deserve a toast for outstanding mom-dom? Raise a glass with these gifts.

If you really want to earn “favorite child” status, gift her The Mother Load, filled with everything from lemon mint maté tea and luscious small-batch jam to start the day to lemon sugar cookies and rich goat-milk caramels to end the night on a sweet note (a.k.a. before she passes out from exhaustion).

So here’s to you mom—thanks for being there every morning, even when we fussed about getting out of bed.

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