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3 Care Packages Every College Student Really Wants

You can't believe it. How can they already be heading off to college! Weren't you just watching them learn to ride a bike? (Cue soft music and backlit flashback.) But there they go, into the unknown.

You can't control if they'll have a neat or friendly roommate or if they'll get into Sociology 101. But you CAN help avoid massive, dorm room culinary disaster.

So send your child, grandchild or favorite co-ed an awesome tote of super tasty, reasonably healthy and outrageously delicious snacks to keep on hand. You can bring the tote of deliciousness along with you when you're dropping them off, or, better yet, surprise them with a box in the mail.

Ready for your pop quiz?

Which of these no-fail, small-batch care packages is the one to send to your favorite student?:

1. Dorm Munchies – Offset cafeteria food with tasty snacks. This set is enough to appease even the crankiest new roommate!

2. The Cram Session – Get them through all-nighters with this calculated combo of caffeine, protein and sugar.

3. Pop Pop Popcorn – An a-maize-ing gift bag that’s perfect for late-night study sessions or hangouts. Plus, if they share, they’ll be the most pop-ular kid in class!

4. All of the above – Check out our entire gifts for students collection for more brain-fueling snacks to get them through the new school year.

Imagine them snacking, studying and thinking of you. Cue soft music again. 

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