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Countdown To Christmas With These 12 Small-Batch Sweets

The days are short, the air is brisk, the lights are twinkly, the music jazzy. Yep, we have to admit, we can't get enough of Christmas. And this Lords-a-Leaping, Christmas Countdown kit is perfect for celebrating with yuletide deliciousness. 

These 12 festive picks will keep everyone’s swans-a-swimming and will get even the most scrooge-like friend, relative or colleague into the holiday spirit:

Holiday Mix – These adorable (jingle bell) rock candies from Raley’s Confectionary come in a mix of holiday flavors including peppermint, eggnog, cinnamon, clementine, mint-chocolate and figgy pudding. They’re handmade with beautiful designs (Santa hats and Christmas trees and presents!) that will fill your house (and your Mouth) with Christmas cheer.

Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Almonds – Leave it to Clif Family Kitchen, a winery in dreamy Napa Valley, to concoct heavenly, chocolate-covered sweets that pair perfectly with final sips of Cabernet and lingering dinner conversation.

Chocolate-Covered Cheerios – Full disclosure: Our kids like putting Jacques Torres’ schmancy cereal in, yes, milk. Also, a cute bag of chocolate-covered Cheerios makes an original, whimsical host gift.

Strawberry-Lemon Gumdrops – Love gumdrops? Nostalgic for a tall glass of powdered strawberry lemonade in a giant smiley-faced pitcher? (You know the one.) These gumdrops from Quin Candy are heavenly-scented, fancy, and the real deal.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – These rich, fudgy, swanky dark chocolate cookies are big and thick – the signature sign of any treat baked by The Good Batch, one of our very first Mouth makers. They’re infused with peppermint oil and baked with a sprinkling of crushed candy cane on top. Save one for your favorite bearded guy from up north.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Pop – So good and so gorgeously packaged, this ready-to-go hot chocolate from Bang Candy Co. will make their eyes pop. A blend of dark, milk and white Belgian chocolate gets stuck with a wooden spoon and dipped, bottom-first, into bits of crushed peppermint stick. Boom.

Speculoos Spice CookiesLittle Belgians makes traditional speculoos of the sort you'd find in Belgium, so they come in cute shapes like medieval houses, pigeons, umbrellas and bike riders. Gather some friends, brew some coffee, dunk some cookies and take a bite of nostalgia!

Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce – The bracing peppermint flavor is a spin on the classic that puts some extra ho, ho, ho into your holiday season. Stir Barton Table’s fudge into steamed milk, drizzle over peppermint stick ice cream, pour over pound cake, spoon straight from jar to mouth.

Pistachio Caramel Popcorn – Made by hand in small batches using organic yellow popcorn from the Sacramento, California area, CC Made's totally addictive snack is buttery, nutty, rich, crunchy and sweet but not sickeningly so.

Mouth-Made Toffee Break Chocolate Bar – Each square delivers our ideal balance of sweet, salty, creamy and crispy, with an addictive tack from the sticky toffee. The almond toffee inside is not too sticky, but not overly dry or crunchy, either. Perfect size for fitting into, ahem, those things you hang on the fireplace. 

Peppermint Marshmallow Cookies – Peppermint and chocolate – it’s a frosty matchup from Malvi that we’re kind of obsessed with around here. But not just when, baby, it’s cold outside. We love the combo all year long. Who needs snow?

Partridge in a pear tree not included.

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