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Finally, Bacon You Can Put In Your Pocket

If there’s a better way to celebrate all things meaty than with bacon jerky, please let us know.

Yes, you read that right: Bacon. Jerky.

Our friends at Chef’s Cut Real Jerky have somehow turned crisp, salty, juicy bacon into the popular, portable, protein-packed snack that’s taking the indie food world by storm. And they’re bringing it in two ways: Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky and Applewood Uncured Bacon Jerky

The Applewood starts with thin-cut, nitrite-free bacon that gets dunked in a sweet marinade of apple juice, salt, pepper and maple syrup, then infused with applewood smoke until it reaches ultimate crispness. It’s sweet and a little spicy from the pepper, and not at all greasy or soggy like you’d expect.

The Sriracha follows the same process, but instead gets dunked in a hot marinade of Sriracha, soy sauce, honey and red wine vinegar. No, this is not a dream.

We double-hog dare you to try not to eat the whole bag. At 6 grams of protein and just 140 calories per serving, these make for a powerful desk drawer snack. Grab a few strips for breakfast if there’s just no time to cook, or crumble over a salad of butter lettuce, avocado, sesame seed and mango to replace that shaker of bacon bits. Just keep some napkins handy – these are some seriously saucy slices.


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