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It's Beginning To Cook A Lot Like Christmas, Bacon Goodies And More...

It's beginning to cook a lot like Christmas / Bacon goodies and more / So the prettiest sight to see is the swine-y treats that will be / On your own front door.

In case you haven't heard: Bacon goes with everything, including carols. 

Our small-batch indie makers have never been afraid to go whole hog, and they’ve created mashups by combining our favorite pork-y product with our favorite snacks. From popcorn to jam to fried cracklins – we are totally pigging out on this collection of swine-aliciousness.

Time to Bring Home The Bacon

In this taster, you’ll find treats like a rich Fennel & Black Pepper Bacon Spread (the addition of floral fennel and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper takes this already meaty, savory, flavorful condiment to high hog heaven), Bacon Kettle Popcorn (fluffy kettle corn coated in a maple syrup caramel and candied bacon – yes, really), Bacon Pickles (cucumbers infused with natural hickory smoke!) and super-satisfying Rosemary & Sea Salt Fried Pork Skins that are kettle-cooked in olive oil in small batches – no, these are not your average deep-fried rinds, folks.

These small-batch homages to everyone's favorite breakfast indulgence can't be beat... especially when they show up on your own front door.

We'll let Santa know.

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