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Skip the Syrup: Flip Your Pancakes to their Savory Side

It always felt a little rebellious to eat breakfast for dinner. Even though it was probably just a way for our frenzied parents to conscientiously escape the relentless responsibility of cooking after a long day, it felt like the pancakes and eggs on our plate were out 10 hours past curfew or something. Scandal!

We still love a good breakfast for dinner, but see no reason that pancakes can’t also make the rounds at a cocktail party or share the spotlight for the evening meal. They make a delicious and wholesome base that’s far more exciting than sliced bread. And with these mixes that stack up wheaty, toothsome cakes in less than 10 minutes, your party spread and dinner table have never spruced up so fast.

The French term canapé refers to a small piece of toasted bread topped with savory items that can be picked up with one hand and eaten in one or two bites. It comes from the French word for sofa, since the garnish sits on bread the way people do a couch. Well, we think silver dollar-sized Hayden Flour Mills Red Fife Wheat pancakes make for one tasty and sophisticated seat. For an impressive array of party appetizers, griddle up a big batch of mini pancakes, line them up on serving trays and start a topping assembly line.

Think crème fraîche, salmon jerky and a sprig of dill for some, and sun-dried tomato olive tapenade, goat cheese crumbles and a few thyme leaves for others. Go Spanish with a third and lay boquerones (or just some high-quality oil-packed tuna) atop cakes spread with tomato tapas jam. We say olé to that canapé.      

Braise a pork butt some Sunday when time allows – midweek leftover pulled pork barbecue is a wonderful thing. Few meals will get the troops’ hands washed and napkins in their laps faster than a generously-sized flapjack topped with warmed, freshly-sauced pork and a colorful heap of shredded cabbage, radish and carrots lightly dressed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Nine whole grains represent in these hearty cakes, so satisfaction is guaranteed (times nine).

Meatless Monday is no concession when you treat these uber-fluffy (seriously, they almost appear inflatable) Catskill Provisions pancakes to an autumnally-dressed hash of roasted butternut squash, caramelized red onions and sautéed kale. Top the lot with a grating of Gruyère-inspired cheese and let it bask under the broiler for a minute until it’s browned, bubbly and a thing of beauty to behold...and devour.           

Who knows, maybe we’ll start eating dinner for breakfast now! A little scandal couldn’t hurt.

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