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This Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit Is the Best Halloween Hostess Gift Idea

What's the best Halloween cocktail? A Bloody Mary, of course! Especially if you're having a coven of vampires over, or looking to win the award for the best Halloween hostess gift idea. Let's break down why this is the best gift:

1. Your scary funny sense of humor will make 'em scream

2. They'll be able to set it out and let their guests help themselves

3. It's freakishly delicious

We curated this devilish Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit because, frankly, we were tired of bad Bloody Marys – that our friends would make for us (sorry, friends), or that we would order at a restaurant. What's up with all the bad Bloody Mary mixers out there!? They're either too sweet, or too salty, or too bland. We took care of the problem by searching the entire U.S. for the best Bloody Mary mixes out there, and we found 'em: Bloody Mary Mix made by Gordy's Pickle Jar, and Dill-ish Bloody Mary Mix made by The Real Dill.

With the mixers handled, we moved onto the garnish. Sure, you could go with bacon and mini grilled cheeses (looking at you, bottomless brunch spots), but we prefer a more refined garnish: briny, crunchy, Pickled String Beans made by Epic Pickles. We've been searching for a classic pickled bean, and these from Epic Pickles offer plenty of crisp when you crunch, a true bang for your buck. Each bean is coated in a refreshing salty brine balanced out by the acidity of garlic and vinegar. We want to eat these all day long. One at a time, straight from the jar. Plus, they're so good for stirring.

And because we're people pleasers, we added on a gorgeous tin of Bloody Mary Salt made by J.Q. Dixon – you can never tell when someone want's just a little more salt. It's made with a savory and spicy mix of applewood smoked salt, local dried chili peppers, roasted garlic and celery seed, and the convenient packaging makes it easy to rim your glass. 

Heading to a Halloween party? Show up or send this kit and make the ghost-ess scream. Hosting your own blood bath? Just add your favorite booze and let this kit handle the rest! And who knows? A couple in, and you might have enough liquid courage to try and summon Bloody Mary for real.