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Surprise! We’ve Got A Birthday Gift For Every Mouth

New year, new birthdays! Take a look at the calendar: Someone’s birthday is always around the corner. Whether you’re shopping for picky eaters or for food lovers who have tried everything, our tasty gift bags will take care of every Mouth on your list:

Birthday In A Bag: For Every Mouth
Give a gift they’ll totally eat up! This bag is bursting with distinctive delectables like dreamy fruit chews and sticky caramel corn. Hey, the party’s in the bag!

Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness: For Mouths You Like A Choco-Lot
This collection of pretzels, nuts, cookies and other goodies dunked in chocolate is a sweet gift they’ll totally melt for.  

The Martini Kit: For Mouths Who Never Miss Happy Hour
This swanky gift bag raises the bar and comes packed with everything needed to make two styles of mega-good martinis. 

Bacon Me Crazy: For Mouths Who Like To Pig Out
Go whole hog and send them to pig heaven with bacon-y treats like bacon mayo, savory bacon jam, bacon toffee popcorn and more. Now that’s bacon care of business! 

Here’s a party trick: Add a set of these temporary party tattoos and an extra lasting hug.

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