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The Best Birthday Gifts for Guys Who Love Food

You’ve marked the date on the calendar, and you’ve seen it coming up for weeks... your man’s birthday. His birthday gift always stumps you though—what do you get the man who has everything (aka YOU!)? Ok, don’t start hyperventilating. We’d like to remind you that food is the way to a man’s heart. He always seems happiest when he has food or drink in front of him… whether it’s his morning cold brew, that grilled cheese you made for him on a rainy day or just a basic styrofoam container of pad Thai scarfed down during a night of Netflix & Seamless. Step up the game with a beautifully packaged box of our newest and best seasonal food finds crafted by small-batch makers from across America. Mouth comes to the rescue with our Birthday Gift Guide for Guys, perfect for any father, husband, boyfriend, baby daddy, bestie, side piece or coworker...

For the Guy Who’s Kinda a Big Dill: The Spicy Pickles Gift Box

He’s the type to order a pickleback shot... and then not drink the whiskey. When he gets up in the middle of the night, his midnight snack is a pickle spear. Do you understand his briny obsession? No. But you do know that he’ll go absolutely crazy for a box full of the most dill-icious, spicy pickles we’ve tasted. And we’re not gherkin around—these pickled veggies are damn hot. He’ll love classic cucumber varieties, and you’ll get to introduce him to more unusual briny creations like crunchy green beans with jalapeños.

For the Man Who’s Got the Hot Hot Hots for You: The Hot Hot Hot Sauce Gift Box

The spinach omelette you made him for breakfast. His roast beef and Swiss on rye. Happy hour pork tacos. Even the popcorn you split at the movies. It drives you insane that when it comes to this guy, everything gets doused in hot sauce. Indulge his fiery obsession with a gift box that features everything from mild sriracha to absolutely flaming ghost pepper and habanero hot sauce. He’ll be in tears.

For the Guy Who’s Always Going Above and Beyond: The Raise the Bars Gift Box

Not only does your man find the time to work out every morning, but he actually enjoys it. And to top it off, he’s uber conscious about everything he puts in his body. To fuel his early work-outs (or honestly to fuel the rest of his day), he will love all-natural energy bars that actually taste good. With flavors like figgy chai nut butter and strawberry coconut, you might find yourself sneaking a bite. Joining in for the workout? That’s another discussion.

For the Guy Who’s Caffeine Crazed: The Coffee Fix

It’s 30 minutes before bedtime and he still has a cup of coffee in his hand. And you can’t blame him, he’s been up since 6:15. He needs his fix: Eye-opening chocolate espresso cookies, rich java chocolate, coffee and chocolate-dusted hazelnuts… oh, and before he asks, yes, there is a tin of our favorite coffee beans for brewing, too.

For the Guy Who Can Be a Bit of a Meathead: The Jerky Subscription 

Whether he’s out on the rugged backcountry trail or pounding the pavement of the concrete jungle, a man’s gotta eat. Fuel him with some protein-packed food to satisfy his need for meat. Wrassle up a monthly delivery of the best craft jerkies from all over the country. He’ll love cowboy classics of the beef variety, but he’ll be blown away by innovative lesser-known types. Umami-heavy teriyaki salmon is like lox on-the-go. As for peppery turkey jerky? He’ll gobble it right up.

For the Guy Who Likes Life on the Rocks: The Bourbon Planner Cocktail Kit

Buying your man a bottle of booze is intimidating. He already has the bar cart stocked with all of his aged scotches and single-grain whiskeys. Better to get him a cocktail kit that’ll heighten his spirits – our Bourbon Planner kit will get his bourb-on, with a small-batch Old Fashioned mixer, juicy cherries (not like the bright red Maraschinos), giant ice cube trays and swanky accessories. He’ll get to live out his mixologist dreams.

For the Gin-tleman in Your Life: Just Add Gin Cocktail Kit

Your man is sophisticated and elegant. He’s got particular but excellent taste, especially when it comes to his drinks. With this cocktail kit, he can indulge in game-changing mixers that feature refined flavors such as lime leaf and charred grapefruit. Oh, and there’s a tonic concentrate syrup that literally makes the perfect G&T every time. It’s a gin-spired gift idea.

For Your Cookie Monster: The Cookie Subscription

Chocolate chip. Macadamia white chocolate. Oatmeal. Gingersnap. Your guy loves a good cookie. Our subscription delivers the dough with a monthly delivery of the most unique finds – lemon zest sugar cookies, chewy, fluffy macaroons dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds, hazelnut sandwich cookies with real whiskey in them and more… your cookie monster will be lucky if he can make the box last the month.


You never have to worry again when it comes to guys. Just remember to keep it simple and to keep it delicious. And if none of those options sound quite like your man, we have even more gift ideas for guys here.

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