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A Meaty Sampler Fit For Your Favorite Jerk

Jerky is super high in protein, low in calories and low in fat – which makes it an addictive, healthy, low-carb snack. We’re obsessed.

It’s hard to pick a jerky we like best (we love all our children!*), so we put together a sampler full of equally delicious, meaty gems. It’s totally fit for your favorite Big Jerk.

Here’s what’s in the bag:

Wagyu Beef Jerky made by Lone Mountain Wagyu – This is one beef jerky that is all about the meat. Richly flavorful with a hint of real smoke, it practically melts in your Mouth, thanks to the dense marbling of the (DNA-certified!) Wagyu breed beef.

Carne Asada 100% Grass-Fed Steak Jerky made by SlantShack – A special, top-secret rub of cayenne and brown sugar makes this a uniquely satisfying spicy-sweet jerky delicacy. It's completely addictive. And excellent for protein emergencies.

Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky made by Field Trip – This is perfectly chewy (but not too chewy), with a hearty-yet-mild turkey flavor and a peppery heat that releases slowly with every bite. It's extremely pure, protein-packed and healthy; a munch-able way to get an instant energy boost. 

Orange Ginger King Salmon Jerky made by Ruby Bay Seafood – Yes, that's right. Salmon jerky. Delicious, salty, chewy, shiny little gems of salmon, harvested from some of the cleanest waters in the world. 

Filet Mignon Memphis BBQ Jerky made by Three Jerks Jerky – If you think Tennessee is known more for its music than its meat, this’ll set you straight. The city of Memphis is to blame for the jaw-dropping signature dry rub. It’s a sweet heat that transports us to a Southern backyard barbecue, full of billowing wood smoke and Elvis playing on the radio.

Chile Lemon Beef Jerky made by Dried & True – Start with all-natural, lean, almost paper-thin strips of beef, tender, sweet and lemony at first bite. Exhale the untamed heat of dried chile. Oh yeah, it’s a wild one.

*We currently carry 29 children jerkies. And no, it’s not hard to give them all equal amounts of attention.  

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