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What To Get The Mouth Who Only Wants The Best

Every Friday, a bunch of us gather ‘round the tasting table to taste and review new products. We taste, discuss, then taste again. (Yes, we know, it’s a tough job.)

So when we finally decide to bring in a product, it’s only something we really, really, really love. That means you can rest assured that whatever hits your Mouth is some of the best indie, small-batch goodies out there. Trust us – we’ve literally tried them all.

While we may be pigs, we’re definitely not hogs. So this holiday season, join in on the fun! Treat yourself or gift a lucky Mouth to our Best of Mouth box. The recipient will receive a goodie bag brimming with four to five of the absolute best products on the indie food scene – your next obsession awaits!

Each box will contain a selection of new discoveries and team favorites. Small-batch goodies could include the seriously delicious, not too-sweet, chocolate studded Blackbird Food Co.’s Chocolate Granola, a Tom Collins Cocktail Syrup that has just the right amount of hoppy bitterness and elderflower power to turn a simple collins into a stunning craft cocktail, Filfil’s Garlic Hot Sauce which we douse on everything from eggs to pizza to tacos to avocado toast, Hot Cakes’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites that nail the ultimate balance of Mouth-watering PB and dark chocolate and Trubee’s Tennessee Snow Whipped Honey which is mind-bogglingly luscious, smooth, creamy and spreadable.


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