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Homemade Easter Brunch Ideas That’ll Have You Hopping Out of Bed

There’s something about Easter Sunday morning. Maybe it’s the residual effects of the Easter bunny on our spirits. Maybe it’s rising with the sun, that feeling of renewal and rebirth. Maybe it’s just our hungry stomachs craving an over-the-top, eggs-travagant Easter brunch spread. Whatever the reason, out of all the holidays, Easter is the one most associated with breakfast and brunch (well, besides Mother’s Day of course). So, yes, on Easter morning, we’re ready to hop out of bed.

We know that it can be way easier to go out for a traditional Easter meal. But the plus side, if you stay at home, brunch essentially becomes bottomless. All the mimosas and bloodies your stomach can handle. So without further more, let’s get crackin’. Here are our top Easter brunch menu ideas...

Easter Cocktails (Or Anytime Cocktails)...

No Easter brunch would be complete without a well-stocked bar and clinging glassware. Something about sitting down to an ample Easter morning spread in the late morning or early afternoon makes us want to lean in on the cocktails. Live the “ladies who lunch” life you wish was your mid-week reality. This is brunch, and no one is going to stand in our way.

Standard Easter cocktail fare is mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, but why go for the orange when you can go for the gold? In our Just Add Champagne kit, mimosas can take a turn for pastel pink with pomegranate mint mixer, cherry bitters, or a splash of grenadine.

If you’re not exactly tickled by pink, there are countless flavor combinations that can transform your bubbly, from pineapple lime to grapefruit hibiscus.

And we’ll keep your classic Bloody Mary safe and sound from a watered-down tomato concentrate. In our complete Bloody Mary kit, we included two absolutely dill-icious mixers, snappy pickled green beans (leave flavorless celery sticks for the Easter bunny), and spicy bitters. Already got a red hot bloody recipe up your sleeve? Try out some unexpected Bloody garnishes. Have you heard of the latest trend of garnishing your glass with bacon jerky? It adds smokiness and body to the drink.

Traditional Easter Menu Ideas Just Like Grandma Made ‘Em...

Easter brunch is all about the eggs. And no, we’re not talking about the dyed ones or the plastic ones the kids are out hunting for, filled with cheap candy. We care more about the ones that go into the skillet. Lucky for you peeps, there are plenty of egg recipe ideas peppered throughout this article. When it comes to a traditional Easter breakfast, our taste buds go right for egg combined with savory Easter ham. (We just like they ate at the Last Supper, right?) Cue classic quiche lorraine and eggs benedict, both of which can be prepped the day before. A grainy mustard adds just the right amount of pop and tang to cut the fattiness of the ham and cream of both dishes. The one we carry has soft heft and texture to it, that'll really make your dishes sing.

Holidays are all about going all-in, so don’t skimp on the carbs. After all, you had to give up things for Lent… it’s time to indulge again. Hot cross buns filled with dried blueberries and cranberries or candied citrus peel are the most traditional option, but you can also bake up equally decadent scones or muffins. Pro tip: if you mix a fruit jam into the batter and bake it, it’ll have a deeper, richer flavor than simply spreading on top.

Healthy Easter Menu Ideas Because Summer is Right Around the Corner...

We know that not everyone is about indulgence. Just because it’s Easter Sunday doesn’t mean that the food we eat is as light and airy as a communion wafer. And some people are actually able to limit themselves to only five malt balls... instead of 25.

For those who are already thinking about that summer body, it’s time to check out the new spring produce that has popped up in the markets. A fresh grapefruit and fennel salad finished with just a touch of fig balsamic vinegar or crispy broiled asparagus with a runny poached egg drizzled with a fine white truffle extra virgin olive oil are healthy while still being special. Opt for leaner smoked salmon for protein (but put it on top of the asparagus instead of a heavy bagel).

And if you’re truly going for health, we’re going to have to nix the Easter cocktails. (Hey, they’re very high in sugar!) The latest trend in health drinks is golden milk, and our turmeric concentrate is one of the best made with fresh turmeric powder, pink and black peppercorn, ginger, allspice, and lemongrass. It's a toast to your health.

Vegetarian Easter Menu Ideas for Those of Us Who Do Eat Like Rabbits...

Easter brunch without the centerpiece of ham or lamb doesn’t have to feel lacking in the slightest with the right vegetarian Easter foods. To start, a filling, hearty baked eggs dish or vegetarian shakshuka will satisfy any-bunny. To start, a filling, hearty baked eggs dish or vegetarian shakshuka will satisfy any-bunny. A favorite recipe of ours starts with ample amounts of kale and rainbow chard. Sauteé them down with garlic and shallots and layer into ramekins with eggs on top. It’s an Instagram-ready breakfast, especially when brightened with the acidity and heat from a good hot sauce.

For your sweets, a thick Greek yogurt with alternating layers of granola and sticky sweet jam looks beautiful in a clear rocks glass or even stout Mason jars. If you trust your guests enough, you can set it up like an Easter parfait bar and allow people to mix and match with the toppings. Leave out some extra honey for people who have a sweet tooth. And speaking of sweets, another classic Easter food is French toast. Made stovetop or as a French toast casserole (the easier option for a crowd), all you need is a high-grade maple syrup and you’ll have everyone leaving the Cadbury and Jellybelly in the grass.

Gluten-Free Easter Brunch Ideas

Never fret, gluten-free chickadees! Though you might not be able to partake in Easter pastries, eggs aren’t off limits. Frittatas, such as sausage and broccoli rabe, have all the richness of a quiche, but without that crust. Whisk some cheddar cheese (flecked with rich black truffle) into the eggs before adding to the skillet and you’ve got something really scrumptious.

In the sweets department, take advantage of the bounty of early spring fruit. Strawberries and rhubarb, a classic combination, are both available, and a gluten-free warm streusel topped with fresh cream is the definition of a delicate and oh-so-sweet sweet ending. Mixing in a little jam with the fresh fruits only adds a more concentrated flavor. Streusel-averse? Take a note from those who are celebrating Passover this time of year: stock up on chewy macaroons and cloud-like meringues. Either dipped in chocolate is simply divine.

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