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Our Delicious Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mom

Last year, it was a Gerbera daisy bouquet you picked up from the farmers market. The year before that, a plush robe she never really uses. And the year previous? We shouldn’t speak of it...the year you swung by the supermarket, picked up something Hallmark and scribbled a message right before knocking on her door. Mom deserves better, kids!

Mom. She’s the one who cut off all the crusts from your tuna sandwiches (which magically turned them into “princess sandwiches”). When you left your French horn at home, she’s the one who turned around from work and made sure it got to school just in time for band. She’s the one who signed you up for science camp in February, so you wouldn’t get shut out by June. And let’s not forget the breakfast-in-bed waffles she made every birthday morning, complete with whipped cream smiley, along with the 24 perfectly decorated cupcakes for your class party. The endless times she sat with genuine interest on the edge of your bed as you spilled the tea on middle school drama. The old pots and pans she saved all those years for your first apartment. Clearly, having Mom in your corner was a good thing.

Show that you appreciate her and give her something truly delicious. With small-batch snacks, handmade sweets and exceptional craft goodies. Our Mother’s Day gift box, filled with everything from hibiscus lavender cocktail syrup to chocolate sable cookies, is definitely the way to gain “favorite child” status. It’s The Mother Load. Like mom, it does it all.

You also might want to send something to your super strong grandmother, kooky aunt, hot wifey, or best mom-ager friend. In our Mother’s Day gift guide, you’ll find all the tastiest, newest Mother’s Day gift ideas and standout food gifts to finally give them all the thank you’s they clearly deserve.

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Let’s start with the moms who are brand new to the game: Mother’s Day gifts for first time moms (who still have babes in arms). There are a lot of first-time parent supplies generally not covered on the Buy Buy Baby registry, like caffeine (talking to you, 2 am feeding) and snacks (generally eaten with only one hand, while pumping with the other). Our Hey, Baby gift box will stand out from all the other gift bags of punny onesies and bottle accessories… and it also includes a super cute dot-patterned swaddle blanket by Pher Designs. Or, power up the sleep-deprived and opt for the Raise the Bar gift box which has the best natural ingredient, small-batch energy bars we’ve ever tasted.

For mothers still eating for two, our Peck of Pickles box has spicy spears, cooling cukes and everything in between. Pregnancy cravings are a real thing. Pickles? Check. Pickles on peanut butter? Well, that’ll require some additional shopping.

Mother’s Day Cocktail Gifts: For Moms who Deserve a Toast

All moms deserve a toast. But certain moms are a bit more... spirited. Momming is a nonstop commitment and they put up with a lot of wine-ing. (Remember all those adolescent mornings when you outright argued about which length of skirt was appropriate for school?) We know you wish you could bring her champagne-in-bed breakfast every morning. Our Just Add Champagne cocktail kit is just the way to start, filled with juicy craft cocktail mixers, bourbon-soaked cherries and our favorite unbreakable glasses. It takes that Mother’s Day brunch bubbly to the next level by adding a tablespoon of rich cherry-based grenadine syrup and a few dashes of spiced cherry bourbon bitters.

For a mom who really raises the bar, treat her to our Mixmaster Mama cocktail kit. This swanky box is loaded with all things needed for a mom-tastic drink. We suggest mixing together the hibiscus-lavender syrup with the lime leaf tonic for the best floral-fruity gin & tonic she’s ever had. The set also comes with two glasses: one for mom and one for you.

Calming Mother’s Day Gifts: Keep Calm and Mom On

Maybe your mom isn’t really the type to turn up... more like chill out. For a mom whose drink of choice is tea, our Positivi-tea Box will bring the yin to her yang. Hibiscus Rose, White Lemon Ginger, and healthful Matcha... all of the teas are made from fresh, wild herbs and organic tea leaves. The packaging is simply... brew-tea-ful.

To prove that you’re the one who truly cares the most about her #selfcare, send her Wellness in a Box. It’s the only Mother’s Day gift idea that has everything from super on-trend turmeric elixir golden milk, an antioxidant rich dark chocolate bar, relaxing digestive bitters, a handmade candle and tons of healthy snacks. Perfect for both moms who have already achieved zen... or are working on getting there.

Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts: For Moms Who Feel Like A Natural Woman

For all those times mom packed you a healthy turkey wrap lunch (no matter how many times you tried to sneak the Lunchables into the shopping cart) and saved clippings from Martha Stewart Living on how to sneak kale into pizza, we’ve curated a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. Our Mother Nature gift box celebrates the mom who’s always been a bit of a health nut. You know the mom. She blended you smoothies every morning, secretly adding spinach when you looked away. She borrows your elephant pants and doesn’t take off her birkenstocks. She composts. The box includes a healthy but indulgent helping of snacks from a robust crunchy-meets-chewy cherry-flecked granola bar (all organic, bonus) to solar-popped popcorn dusted with nutritional yeast and much more. It’s filled with all those foods that are essential for stashing in her hiking backpack or in her messenger bag for a trek through the concrete jungle.

For Moms With A Clear Favorite

We know. You’re the clear favorite, obvi. We’re actually referring to moms who are addicted to one particular type of food. They’re obsessed.

If Mom’s never been a morning person (you were always late for your 6am swim meets), our Coffee Fix set will be totally eye-opening. It includes all of the best coffee snacks from chocolate-covered espresso beans to chocolate bars swirls with cream and espresso, not to mention a big helping of cold brew concentrate that’s easy peasy to make herself. She’ll be perked up in no time.

Or maybe Mom’s a chocoholic. Yes, Mother’s Day chocolate is a must, and we’ve hunted down the absolute small-batch chocolate goodies that will make her jaw drop. Our Chocolate Fix box is complete with rich chocolate sable cookies, gooey marshmallow sandwiches, decadent chocolate caramels and more. Love her a choco-lot.

Gifts For Hot Mamas

Perhaps Mom is like Beyoncé. One, she is an absolute queen, and two, she carries hot sauce in her bag. Yes, this mom loves hot sauce to the point of obsession. Our Hot Hot Hot Sauce gift box has five small-batch hot sauces with a range of fiery flavor, from the Ghost Pepper sauce that serves up a smoky heat that lingers to organic, all-natural sriracha.

Mom usually tempers her spice with sweetness, right? Our Sweet + Spicy Mother’s Day gift box includes spicy honey (she’ll love it on pizza), fluffy (and seemingly innocent) fireball marshmallows, chocolate cayenne cookies and more fiery deliciousness. It’s just the gift for that spicy mama in your life.

Check out our complete Mother’s Day collection to find a gift that’s just right. Hugs and hand-made cards not included, but highly recommended.

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