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5 Best-Selling Gifts They’ll Totally Eat Up

Need a birthday gift? Got a host to thank? A client to woo? We’ve got indie goodies to fit every occasion and type of friend. Whether they’re obsessed with chocolate, bacon, Manhattans, bourbon – or did they just have a baby? – we’ve got the gift box of their dreams. (And your dreams. Finally, you can say goodbye to that last minute scramble to CVS for a gift card. You’re welcome.)

Below, five crowd-pleasing gift bags they’ll totally eat up. They’re best-sellers for a reason, people:

Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness – This collection of pretzels, nuts, cookies and other nostalgic goodies dunked in chocolate is a gift they’ll totally melt for. A typical batch could include animal crackers, corn flakes, cranberries, graham crackers, pretzels and even mini-peanut-butter cookies (!), all cloaked in heavenly cocoa.

The Perfect Manhattan Kit – Manhattan: Dazzling and dark, glittering and glamorous, exhilarating and seductive. We're not just talking about any Manhattan, we're talking about THE Manhattan. This all-in-one cocktail kit makes a swanky gift for newlyweds, best friends or weekend hosts… It’ll make them swoon.

Hey, Baby! – What to get new parents? Snacks, duh. Tasty, indie snacks they can nosh on all day. And night. The whole night. They'll be thinking of you fondly as they munch on everything  – from the crunchiest granola and most decadent cinnamon walnut brittle, to energy-charging bars packed with organic fruits and nuts and seeds, to Parmesan-dusted popcorn and zucchini chips dipped in basil pesto, to crispy crackers and white chocolate macadamia nut butter that can practically stand in for a meal. 

Indie Bourbon Trio – While bourbon’s ancestral home lies in the heart of Kentucky, it can legally be made anywhere in America. And frankly, most of the most exciting craft bourbons are being made outside the Bluegrass State, off the well-beaten trail. This makes a standout gift for a client you want to thank, an employee you want to reward or for your favorite bourbon planner.

Bring Home The Bacon – Send someone (your unemployed spouse?) to pig heaven with bacon-y treats like bacon popcorn and bacon pickles. They’ll totally pig out on a collection of swine-y selections: a rich bacon mayo, bacon toffee caramel corn, savory bacon jam (yes!), smoky bacon pickles and a super-satisfying peanut butter-chocolate candy bar topped with maple bacon. These small-batch edible homages to everyone's favorite Sunday morning indulgence can't be beat.

If you want, you could casually mention our Tasty Thank You gift box. You know, so they can thank you back.

It would be the polite thing for them to do.

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