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These 3 Nuts Make All Our Nutcracker Fantasies Come True

By now, you probably know we’re Christmas obsessed. You’ve heard tales of our ugly sweaters and Christmas music and countless cups of hot chocolate, but did you know a few of us have been caught dancing around the office clutching our beloved Nutcracker and stuffing his Mouth with indie nuts?

But we’re not alone – nuts are a holiday staple! And while we don’t have an open fire in our warehouse for roasting chestnuts, we do have some uniquely flavored nuts we can’t keep our hands off this time of year.

Here’s what we’re going nuts for this holiday season:

Spiced Candied Pecans by Treat Bake Shop - You expect to be hit with a nostalgic taste of the hot roasted pecans you'd get as a treat from New York City street-roasters, but what you get is so much better. These are salty up front, but then the flavor grows into a slow-burning, cinnamon-y heat, all without overwhelming a sweet pecan-pie base that we're totally crazy for.   

Roasted Mexican Chocolate Pecans Kit by Allgood ProvisionsStoked is exactly how we feel knowing that on any given day we are only 15 minutes away from piping hot, sweet-and-spicy nuts that conjure up street cart vendors in exotic locales. This genius nut kit is our go-to for entertaining this season. You’ll probably need some spiced hot cocoa to sip while you wait for the nuts to heat up. It’ll go great with the cocoa, coconut, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne and coffee seasonings on these pecans.

Almond Brittle by Paso Almonds - Okay, so this is more of a dessert than a nut. But brittle is the easiest treat to throw in a bowl and set on the coffee table during your holiday party. Whether sweet toffee or crispy almonds are your vice of choice, we can guarantee you won't be able to keep from reaching into the bowl (or the bag) again and again.

Don’t forget the dance of the sugar plum fairy…

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